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  • I have a rather convoluted question that I’m not sure if the answer to is going to be simple or complex!

    The WordPress site for our theatre company (‘’) is hosted in a subfolder of our main site (which is not a theatre company) – i.e. We’ve recently changed the name of our theatre company, and have pointed our new theatre domain name to that folder, so that now ‘’ and ‘’ both point to that folder ( I’ve changed all the content on this theatre site to reflect the new name and participants.

    What I’ve found is that when I go to ‘’, the proper new URL appears in the address bar, but if I click any of the navigation for any of the pages the old name URL shows up in the address bar. For instance, for the About page, instead of the URL being ‘’, it shows ‘’.

    In our Dashboard General Settings, I’m wondering if I can just change either the WordPress Address (URL) and/or the Site Address (URL) settings from ‘’ – which they are now – to ‘’…but there’s a helper link that points to this page:

    that has me a little confused. I don’t want to *move* anything, I just want all the pages to reflect our new domain name, but I’m afraid changing that in this part of the Admin area might screw up the site somehow.

    Anyone have any thoughts, reassurances or warnings? I can try to elaborate if that’s too confusing. Thanks so much!

    Apologies for not giving the actual URLs, which I can if that would be helpful. I’m still learning this stuff and wasn’t sure what kind of security issues I might open myself up to if I revealed our folder structures, etc.!

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  • I have a feeling you want to do a search and replace.

    if you click this link for a search:

    the first one is good, but the third one has some safeguards in there I believe.

    You’d search for the old URL and replace it with the new URL, in your case you probably just need to search for and replace it with

    You’ll want to check that the existing permalinks – it sounds like you might like to consider a redirection plugin to redirect people coming in via one link to the new one. This should be carefully thought out though, because it seems like it could be more of a problem than you ever thought when you decided to change your domain name for the site. I’ll follow this post – if anyone else has something to add by all means please do.

    Thanks Rob, yes we definitely could have thought this through a little better! I’ll check out your suggestions and report back once I do….

    Oh! I just remembered… for a site I had issues with links changing: I had the site registered in Google’s Webmaster tools – I was able to see all the incoming links so that I knew what to make sure worked. This was a REALLY small site so I could tackle it, but it was helpful for me to be able to go through the list and make sure each incoming link got redirected to the new location.

    If you had your site listed there, you could see if it was 10 or 10,000 incoming links – and of course all you need to worry about is your side… so you redirect oldlink/a/ to newlink/a/

    (This was a case where I changed the permalink structure due to a change of a plugin the client was using.)

    [At risk of overdoing it] I was reading your post again, and your issues weren’t specifically addressed by the putting WP in its own directory article – although the concepts there might have been helpful. Don’t invest too much in what you see there because it’s not about connecting old links to new links.

    Also, with the redirection issue, you might (stress might) be able to do a redirection with your host, or with some edits to your .htaccess file. You definitely don’t want to put another site or set of pages or links in the directory where you used to keep WordPress – that would keep you from executing the redirect. I’m pretty sure Yoast had a link to a tool where you could put in the old and new structure and this tool would tell you what to put in the .htaccess file it was like better than the best cake on your birthday!

    Sometimes people move sites for a logistical reason that makes sense because they want to work on a copy of the site and check things out. But then we realize 250 people have linked to their site – and even your own permalinks to other parts of your site aren’t going to work if you don’t deal with them – if you want to go back to the old directory I would encourage you to consider using a good backup plugin like backup buddy to back up both copies of the site, and then you can use backup buddy to restore site #2 to the directory of site #1 and you’ve got the site in place, working just as always, with only a little bit extra tweaking that is not that difficult and backup buddy is a guided process… so that nobody is the wiser and it looks like you never touched a thing. 🙂

    (I’m probably empathizing a bit too much having done a version 2.0 of a site thinking I was doing such a great thing, but then redirecting people to the new directory location and realizing that I really caused more hassle for the long term than any good with all my effort revising, reorganizing and reinventing the site…)

    Thanks for this great info! Will dive into it this week and try to wade through to a resolution!

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