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    I am sort of new to this, and I want to ask a couple of things to be sure. I am goning to change my site’s domain name, i.e. to But the hosting will remain the same, I’ll just connect it to the second domain all using the same provider. Do I still need a fresh WordPress installation? And if I do, do I just delete everything inside public_html directory?

    If this is the case, I understand that I just import the old site to new site via plugin’s export panel and it automatically changes the old domain values to new ones inside the database while exporting. Is this true? Are there anything that must be done regarding the databases? Or do I just create a new database for the new domain and new user name and so forth, and plugin automatically changes old values into new ones? Is it really that simple? 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

    Murat Havzalı

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  • Hey Murat,

    You’ll need a fresh or already-existing WordPress installation with All-In-One WP Migration installed in order to import a .wpress file.

    First, make sure you export a .wpress file from the site you’re trying to move. Make sure it’s under 512MB or you’ll have to buy the Unlimited Extension or perform a manual Search & Replace.

    Then, edit your DNS Entries/set-up your new Domain/use cPanel or whatever the hosting/domain company uses to change your Main Domain.

    Now, set up a fresh WordPress installation. I’d create a new directory inside of /public_html, and move your old WordPress installation to that new directory. It’ll be much quicker than waiting for your server to delete all of the files. Also, if shit hits the fan, you still have your files on your server and won’t need to wait for them to re-upload.

    Then, in your now-WordPress-less /public_html directory, upload a fresh copy of WordPress, and set up a new Database.

    Install WordPress, login, install All-In-One WP Migration, and import the .wpress file that you exported from your previous site. Log-in using the Credentials from your old site, and save your Permalink Structure twice. Your site should be up and running!

    You could also just perform a Search & Replace on your site’s database, and change your Home URL and Site URL in the WordPress settings. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about setting up a new WordPress installation. You’d just have to point your new domain towards your hosting. I’ve never performed a Search & Replace with this plug-in. I started using this plug-in to avoid having to do all of that! It’s worked for me every time.

    I’d spend the 5 minutes setting up a new WordPress installation, and letting the plug-in take care of it all. Rather than performing a manual Search & Replace, forgetting an extra “/” in your URL, and now your installation is messed up and you have a migraine. Or doing something out of order and now your site is inaccessible.

    Hope this helps a little and have fun,


    Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    Are you only renaming the domain name or you are copying the site to be available under a second domain name?

    You don’t need to change anything in the database, the plugin will do all the replacements. It’s one click export, one click import.

    Given that you are reusing the same hosting and most likely the same version of WordPress you will not have any issues with the transfer.

    Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    Thank you for helping <3

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    @fodera1123 thank you very much for the detailed explanation, I’ll give it a try as soon as I can.

    @yaniiliev, I’ll just change the domain name. I’ll not use the older domain (well I’ll redirect it to the new one). I was just worrying about database operations which I am not experienced at all. but it seems like there’s no need to worry 😀



    Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    @gezginorman nothing to worry – go for the transfer

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