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  • gyovanysantos


    Hi guys.

    I’m starting here and I am facing a problem with my organization site.

    Recently, we did a clone of our VM that resides our site. Everything was working fine, because we do not want to change anything like the domain or whatever, but I had to create another domain for tests by the managers of the organizations before starting production in the new VM.

    I made an update at wp-config.php changing the production domain to homologation domain. Curiously, it worked, but some links from the homologation domain still redirects to the production domain that stills configured in the old VM.

    My question is, Am I forgeting anything ? Any settings that I have to do ?

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  • Links to uploaded content and some other links are usually stored with the full URL in the database.

    So you need to use something like to search for and change all these occurrences. Make sure to use a solution that handles also “serialized data” correctly. (You can google for “serialized data WordPress” for more information about this data storage format.)

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