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  • Hey guys, I posted here the last time I came up with a new design and got a lot of great respoces. This time I used Superflourus Banter’s Mavigation Matrix, as well as some custom hacks and wp-stats. to see it, check out the refer page.

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  • Looks cool, can we have links to the Mavigation Matrix? I would love to see what it is.
    Great Job!

    I know this is your blog and I know about Freedom of speech and all that. But some of the links off the blog advertised are abhorrent. Best avoided.

    the refer page is cool…
    u have customised 2.1refer script nicely 🙂

    Thanks for adding the links to the mav matrix. Thanks for all the kind words. What links are aborrent to you?

    I have no intention of doing anything to attract further publicity to this site.

    umm… okay. Have it your way. I’m just a little confused? Scared of a little political humor? a news story about a rhino mistaking a car for a female rhino? a musical game with a funny name? Grow up… or grow down.. nothing on there should be offensive, unless you’re a conservative rhino who hates music…

    Or a Christian.

    always someone to ruin the party. Back on topic. What do you guys think of the design? any suggestions to make it better, faster, stronger?

    To make it better you might want to close it down. That way you will avoid offending about a quarter of the worlds population.

    do you do this everytime you see a “bad word” printed on the net? That’s a lot of letters to write…

    Root, you realize every time you continue to post here, you attract attention to the site? 😉
    I can understand some people not liking some of the links, but then again if you ‘blog hop’ long enough I’m sure everyone could find a blog they have some objection to. 😉
    Definitely neat styling. Simple but sharp.

    Thanks, davidchait, great post

    Actually Root is right. And his posts do a good job of warning people. I’m new to wordpress and just looking around and I appreciated the heads up – Thanks Root!.
    Since I’m posting I might as well ask if there are any galleries – so to speak of whats possible. this is the first thread I cam across with an example and it seems kind of generic. I understand there are templates available (which are nice to dig into) but I haven’t found the site that has those – yet. I’ll keep working through the search function though

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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