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    Is there a “switch” to go back to the old design, the one that just worked fine ? Having now to click twice to setup a module is a pain, having to scroll down to find the modules is a pain, etc.
    I don’t mind the free/pro differences, as long as it is not more difficult to use the new version due to (what I perceived as) an unneeded design change 🙂
    Thanks Paul

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    Nope, no way back to the older version. There’s no difference in the UI between free/pro.
    We’ll take on feedback as we go and adjust as necessary.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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    Ok then, feedback time…
    would it be possible to :
    – avoid the extra click when you click on a module on the right (you pick the module, then you have to chose between the settings and help. Each time. Same for all modules. I guess most people would prefer to go direct to the settings.
    – have another way to display the modules on the right as it requires a lot of scroll down to reach the bottom ones on a subnotebook screen.

    I also find the new VERTICAL menu not practical at all. To reach for example the audit trail i have to scroll.

    My Feedback: Old design was user friendly. New design, not so.

    Thanks Paul, it’s now easier with the smaller size menu bar on the right. There are still some room for design improvment though :
    Your extension still requires extra unneeded extra clicks : when you click on a module, a choice between options and help is offered EVERY TIME. As much as I understand that it is a nice idea for a new user, the extra click that is needed is a pain for people already using your extension. If the reason behind this is to show as many times as possible the very large promotion for iControlWP :-), I bet there are other ways to do it (a badge on the side ? Recurring message appearing time to time when you launch the extension admin page?) Maybe it would be interesting to benchmark how other freemium extension dev do that sort of things. The ip manager is a good exemple for the extra clicks issue : first you click on the IP manager in the right bar, then you click on manage ip list, then you click on the list…
    On a side note, I fully understand why you want to move to a freemium model, and I am right in the middle of trying to convince my boss to be one of your customers (Yes I know one buck is not much but we have a few web sites :-))

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    Plugin Author Paul


    Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it.

    It’s a process of evolution. Our big update in this release was the dynamic walk-through wizards. The previous changes to the UI got a little bit of attention based on your feedback, and others. There is more to come, but it’s an evolving thing… we’ll tweak it a bit more each time.

    The intent isn’t icwp promotion – I meant to remove that in-fact. But rather for new users. Yep, once a new user has clicked them and they’re aware of the tabs, you wont need to click them. But all that tracking of clicks etc. is fiddly and takes time. It’s coming, don’t worry, but as you can see it’s a process of development and testing, trial and error.


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