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  • Hi Support,

    in May we get a new Cookie Law requirement in Germany.
    “Acceppt” a Cookie is no longer allowed, we have to add a “YES” or “NO” selection.

    What do you think, do we get an update until the end of the month?

    Best regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sorry homegrownandy, I should have been more precise while writing, and saying that I’m suppose that could be true (plus English is not my fist language). 10 days of researches are actually nothing considering the subject. It seems that Nobody knows the true right now. Furthermore I should have mention that keeping a record in a log with anomymized ips (I also asked myself how can be proved that a certain user correspond to a certain ip…no idea, but at least a log is a proof of traffic on the website) is what cookiebot does and I took it as likely reliable method. As you quote, the recital 26 seems to be in neat contradiction! So it’s welcome your reproach, thank you for that.

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    I’m interested in an update for this for the new law as well. Hope it’s sorted out soon.

    Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    @rfmcomposer function to exclude scripts block added 🙂

    The cookie pop-up showing on my website does not offer the visitor the option to opt-out of cookies as is needed in line with the GDPR stipulations. Do I just need to change the settings, or is this not yet functional? If this plug-in doesn’t offer this, I’ll have to change plug-in before tomorrow to meet the regulations. I’d be grateful for an urgent response. Thanks.

    Hi, this is the 4 cookie banner that I try and 25 is tomorrow… Is there the function of blocking all incoming cookies? I installed it, I’m trying various configurations, but I don’t see any blocks. I can’t touch the theme (paid theme).
    I went on the demo site you link in description (, but it isn’t GDPR compliance at yet. There isn’t NO button…

    As @hshiner pointed out, we are required to give the user the chance to opt-out, and the shortcode [cookie-control] does not provide it.

    In the banner under “Cookies are enabled” I see a white rectangle, if there is a label it is white on white. The inspector reveals that is the button to revoke consent, but it points to the Cookie info page, and there is no effect, cookies remain enabled.

    Please help…

    BTW, thank you so much for this plugin – GDPR is nightmare

    Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    @barbarawebnauta not sure that the “no” option is mandatory because if you don’t accept, then you don’t get cookies, but can continue the navigation without problems.
    I’d like to get feedback about the yes/no, but in my point of view my approach is simpler and more elegant.

    @elenaocone please try to purge your browser cache (CTRL+F5 on Windows, or MacOS equivalent). If this doesn’t help, please link to your website.
    Also, if you see white on white it should be a css issue with your theme. Again, a link to the website could help and i could eventually add a global rule to the next plugin release (or suggest you a css edit)

    Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    @hshiner cookies are opt-in, and if you don’t accept them they are blocked. So i don’t think that opt-out is mandatory (just because practical useless). You can also use [cookie-control] to give opportunity to revoke the consent. This is mandatory

    I’m afraid I’ve waited too long now. The ‘more information’ link in the pop-up is not working. People need the option to opt-out. I’m sorry you are not taking this on board. I will now delete the plug-in and find another solution.

    Hello @milmor, and thank you for plugin. I think a NO button is necessary, or at least to be able to close the banner (window popup) because on the mobile if someone doesn’t want to accept the cookies it’s really annoying to navigate with the banner. Thank you

    Salve @milmor

    white on white is in effect a css problem with a theme, but in both cases the button does not revoke the cookies, it refreshes the page but cookies remain enabled.

    Hi @milmor and everybody,
    Just a question about consent.
    I have wrapped every script eg. adsense with the shortcode [cookie][/cookie]. So scripts that release cookies are blocked at the first visit until the user don’t accept.

    So my question is: can I use scroll as consent?

    Thank you very much!

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