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  • OK, it’s like the topic said: New comments by users (registered users and anonymus users) have the date 01-01-1970, 01:00
    I’m using 2.1 in a new installation
    Is there a way to make this failure go away? The search-function hasn’t found any topic regarding this error.

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  • Very strange. Do new posts also have this date?

    Does all calls to the PHP date() function have the same behaviour? Try running a simple PHP script on your server comprising the following code:

        echo date();

    The result is:
    Warning: Wrong parameter count for date() in /home/www/s/salnet/html/date.php on line 2

    After I added parameters to your example, it worked, but it showed the correct date and time.
    You can see it at

        echo date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A");

    I’m getting a 404 now, but never mind. I believe you.

    OK, now if you can find a quiet spot to do it in your theme’s footer or something, add the following:

    <!--<?php echo the_time('F j, Y'); ?>-->

    Then see if you get a 1970 date.

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