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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this forum, but not totally new to wordpress. Recently I made with wordpress, together with a friende of mine.

    I have just started as freelance interaction designer, and have been busy with my own new website. I really like designing systems and first thought I would build upon my own simple cms I created last year. But, to implement all the ideas I have, and have a robust cms with all the usual functionalities at the same time, I would be busy for some more months/years I guess.

    That’s why I changed my mind: I’ll build my website with an opensource cms like wordpress, so that I have a good system to start with, and have my first version website up and running in a couple of days. Lateron, I might develop the ideas for my own cms or as new plugins. I want to share my ideas, so that you guys can let me know if you think this is the right way to create the system I want:

    1. object oriented way of saving content: every content item is an independent object, which can be clustered so that a page, article , person etc. can be made. In this way everything can be connected to everything. A text can be used multiple times in different clusters (articles), for example.
    2. context/semantics and hierarchy together make up structure and navigation: based upon tags and categories clusters are shown in anothers cluster’s context. But at the same time it will be possible to make hierarchical relations, so that a certain cluster is a child or parent of another cluster and will always be shown, independent of it’s context and semantics. Using the right xhtml tags and new semantic standards information will be search engine / browser readable too.
    3. data and visualization is strictly seperated. data comes from the database in xml format, which will be made available as rss feed of a page on the client side. the developer of the website chooses how to use the xml input for visualization. Different visualization layers are possible: xml stylesheet, php/xhtml, or even flash. These layers can also be made available at the same time, so an enduser can choose what he/his device wants. This will be good for accesibility.

    Do you think it will be possible to develop these ideas in WordPress, or does something like this already exist as a plugin? Or should I continue my own cms building? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!


    btw: I hope you don’t mind me starting this same discussion in other opensource cms forums like drupal and joomla.

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  • It seems to me that you are trying to pick the wrong tools for the job…

    The idea of “object oriented way of saving content” logically requires an object-relational database. MySQL, meanwhile, does not have object-relational capabilities, it is strictly relational. Moreover, there is no database I know of that would store PHP objects. All in all, PHP/MySQL is probably the wrong platform for your development paradigm.

    It sounds like you may want to look into Plone… The only problems are, (1) Plone is written in Python, not PHP (and, additionally, it’s built on top of Zope, so you need to understand Zope in addition to “freeform” Python), and (2) you have to have at least a virtual dedicated server to be able to run Plone, as Plone includes its own Web server and its own database engine.

    Another alternative is OpenLaszlo (written in Java), and similar caveats apply…

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