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  • Looking for some opinions on this. I’m undergoing a site development for a client and have been thinking about what the best practices are for doing a complete re-do of a site from scratch with new content, pages, and a customized theme.

    Obviously I’ll want to customize and test the theme prior to launch, and populate the site with content. I could do this online, but the client is already running a wordpress site that must stay online until the new site is ready to launch. I could run 2 installs of WP but not sure that’s ideal.

    I could work locally via MAMP and get everything sorted out that way before uploading the new site and db, but I’m not sure how the client can preview the site prior to launch if everything is local on my computer. Is there any way to work locally but still offer an online preview?

    What is the best way to handle a wordpress project like this? Any recommendations?

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