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    Is there a list of the new classes added for icons? There is a newly added “fa-classic” that didn’t exist before but is now the default and breaks some functionality we were using to grab icons from classes.

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    FontAwesome has evolved to a number of ‘families’: Classic, Sharp, and Brands. fa-classic, fa-sharp, fa-brands. It seems possible, maybe even likely that there will be more families to come in the future.

    This plugin has been refactored in this latest release to support this new concept of families. Having fa-classic in the class is not strictly required, but in consultation with FontAwesome on the topic we agreed that being a little verbose when generating these shouldn’t harm anything.

    I am curious to hear more about your use case where having this class in the icon is breaking things.

    Some more info on the concept of families here: https://docs.fontawesome.com/web/dig-deeper/styles

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    Thanks, that makes sense! I’ll need to update with fallbacks for that.

    We use a strpos to check the style (ex: fa-solid) and then strip out the icon name to create a path to a self hosted SVG file. It does look like I may be able to switch to Object instead to parse those going forward though.

    Before update: https://ibb.co/RHRM31X
    After update: https://ibb.co/tCQmkHG

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Ah, yeah I was wondering if maybe you were doing some string manipulation on the icon element. I think for your use case you are on the right track with setting your field to return the ‘object’ instead.

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