• I installed your plugin on a new WordPress/Woocommerce installation but couldn’t get the VAT field to appear. I changed the checkout page to the “classic” checkout style and it worked fine.

    Is this plugin going to be updated to work with the new checkout layout?

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  • Plugin Author Diego


    We’re aware that the new checkout “broke” the backward compatibility with the filters that have been working fine for over a decade. The new checkout doesn’t seem to align with the official developer documentation, either, which still recommends the traditional approach to add fields.

    The EU VAT Assistant reached its end of life in June 2022 and we can no longer provide support for it, nor guarantee updates. Due to that, we don’t have plans to add support for the new checkout, or features like the HPOS tables. We are keeping the plugin available for users who still use it, and might need to access its code, extend it or customise it. We would recommend to contact your developers if you need assistance tweaking or troubleshooting it.

    We also recommend to switch to an alternative solution, which will be supported in the long term. The VAT Compliance plugin developed by Simba Hosting is the plugin we recommend to replace the EU VAT Assistant. It offers a similar feature set, plus additional features for countries like the UK or Norway. If I’m not mistaken, it should also support the new checkout experience. Its authors will be able to confirm that.

    David Anderson


    We (Simba) have code for the block-based checkout that’s in testing, but it’s not yet in a live release. But hopefully in the next few weeks.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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