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  • Hey, guys, one of my favorite option in 2.0 is the ability to create new categories on the fly. But the problem I’m having is that although I can create new categories, the next time I post and want to add something to the category I just created, I notice that IT’S NOT LISTED in the category drop-down menu! The post itself works just fine, the category is created and shows in the post, but for some reason 2.0 DOESN’T ADD the new category to the list of categories for me to select in the next post. The category is only added to the drop-down menu in the “create post” cp AFTER I ADD IT IN A SECOND TIME. Again, the category shows up in the category list and in the post, just not in the drop-down menu in the create post cp.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this, or am I the only one whose encounterd this problem?

    ADDED: Hmm, I think it might be because of the WP theme, because on another site, using a different theme, the newly created categories seem to show up in the drop-down menu just fine. Or is it?

    BTW I’m using Bionic Jive 1.0 theme.

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