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  • Hi all,
    many thanks for your help in advance.
    Im a bit of a novice…
    okay, I have a wp-blog embedded in my site.

    I want to have a big obvious link at mysite/blog at the top or of the page, where it takes me back to the HOME PAGE of my site, not the home of the blog.
    I have added a link with the home page in, but thats just as part of my blogroll so its not stunningly obvious.
    Any clever people can help me here see how to put a big button/some words somewhere obvious to help make this link to the home page easier?

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  • Hello hai

    i am ashwini .i am facing one problem iwant change header on change the page in wordpress

    (reah ashwini that didnt really help you or me)

    Hi all,
    any ideas how I can create a button or word in my blog
    back to any more than the tinyy link i have already put?

    and i dont know how to do html so please dont just tell me “write some html”
    thanks 😉

    Just done this now. The key is redirectify. Look down this page


    “How to create a link in my header that links to a URL”

    In my case I have a blog on under /blog and needed a way back to the main site. I downloaded the redirectify plugin (one sngle php file), activated it then added a Back to Main site page and published it. I then added a custom field with key of redirect and url of /index.html and saved it. It works.

    However I now have to solve my broken 404 page. the .htaccess directs it to the blog! You’ll get this as well if you’ve modified your .htaccess for customised permalinks. Time to bone up on mod-rewrite!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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