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  • San Antonio Painters — overall looks good. One seemingly minor change would make a dramatic improvement to professionalism: review where every line breaks and adjust for best readability. Also make sure the last line of every text block has more than one word; fix all orphaned words. Arrange lines if possible for a stairstep effect, where each line is generally a little wider than the one above it.

    A professional copy editor would be excellent for this task and would offer more suggestions along these lines, while making things shorter and more concise for maximum effectiveness.

    Keep at it, good luck!

    Looks good, but I don’t like the footer, at first I though it was an error. The font size is too small to read all them numbers, you would be better off putting them on a new page. Even better create a search feature, so the user can search for their zip code instead of having to read all the numbers.

    Yes, i also think you have to redesign the footer.
    And put a search field inside. 😉

    Pretty good, but I would like to see the top few photos tighter together. Too much empty space in between.

    Good luck!

    Pretty nice, load time is very slow. But you must slow the slide-show change time, try reading the text and you’ll see what I mean.

    Overall, I think it looks really good. Definitely the right amount of color, images, and personality for your target audience.

    The only big concern I have is the amount of info that goes under the fold. Perhaps you could tighten it up a little, like make the images smaller and minimize the “white” space.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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