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  • In years of building accommodation websites with WordPress, I’ve been using many plugins to be able to place booking forms.
    Their main feature is to send the collected data via email – it seems a simple and common task….but none of the solutions were perfect.

    Tools like cForms provided to be very useful in this task, yet it’s complexity and not so instant setup due to basepath issues….make me think it’s not the best solution for newbies. Plus, those plugins are generally huge in size, with lots of files – and when you want to modify something in the code, you lose a lot of time finding the right part.

    In fact, in the end I preferred coding my own form plugin – to have total control on what happens.

    I’ve built now for public use a plugin, taking inspiration from my experience, which is really EASY and INSTANT to setup.

    It can add instantly to your site, via a shortcode or a widget, a simple booking form, with the standard required fields 90% of the hotels / B&Bs need: name, email, mobile number, dates (via a cool calendar).

    The PHP code is simple to hack for any novice programmer so it can be the beginning of your custom plugin as well.

    Hope it can be useful to everybody who needs a quick way to integrate booking request forms on their website.

    The plugin can deal with MULTIPLE ACCOMMODATIONS websites too,for example a B&B directory site where every B&B has his own post with the description – as the form will send in the email also the name of the post/page where the form was submitted. You can use the shorttag once per every page / post.

    You can view a working example and download Simple Booking Form plugin here:

    Hello, Simple Booking Form.

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