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  • For some reason I’m adding new blogs, they appear online and work but don’t appear in the dashboard. All I can see are the four previous blogs I’ve created and that’s about it. Not sure how it works but obviously can’t add posts and administrate, etc. Is there some setting I’m missing to add them to the dashboard?

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  • OK… so this is weird. All three blogs appear in the other administrator’s account despite it being created in my administrator account. The four in my account don’t appear in that account, this is despite the fact that both administrators appear as members as members in all the blogs.

    In addition, redirection is wrong on the other account. When you login to the new blogs, it works but logging out it’s as if the subdirectory for the blog disappears.

    OK… here’s the scoop. I login as superadmin and it’s the superadmin account that shows only 4 blogs. The others show more. I can’t explain that… I see some others have had problems of this nature.

    THE ANSWER: For those curious, which is why I’m keeping these posts up.

    For reasons I can’t explain the superadmin account is not added to these new blogs as a member. Perhaps it is because it is not intended to be used to administrate the sites since it’s a more global account although it seemed to work for the first four. If you add the superadmin you’ll get an n/a in the list of members but it will then activate the SA to manage them in the dashboard. Go figure.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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