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  • I’ve got my blog up and running. It’s sort of funny…I spent several weeks trying to design something I liked and I did this in a matter of hours. It’s funny how inspiration just comes to you.
    Right now, the ‘About” section and the ‘My Desktop’ section (click the deskshot) are the only “extra” pages running at the moment. And if anyone could give me pointers about getting the Amazon Links to align left would be great.
    How do you guys go about bringing traffic and readership?

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  • i don’t know…randomly visit other WP’ers blogs?

    you get interlinked with time with other bloggers who read and liek your blog. you get into google with time. you develop a readership with time and effort.
    personal blogs…
    why would one care about readership and traffic? :O)

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Write, write, write.

    Looks cool. You have got your Amazon stuff in a list. This is not the place for a links as lists type discussion but you have of course got quite large images (the books).
    Default list styling is to indent the lis from the uls. Hence it seems misaligned.
    You could drop the lists for that section and apply normal div; styling float or position fixed / relative whatever. and see how you get on. HTH

    Blog is something personal… You don’t blog to make traffic…
    I own forum that I had ran for past 5 years. We have +70000 members (with +40000 deleted (inactive)). That site brings traffic and lot of new users everyday (+200 at least per day). Mouth to mouth method + Google (we got indexed +12000 pages from our site) makes traffic.
    But personal blog… It belongs to you 🙂 Most of your personal blog should be your IRL friends/family 🙂 Just my personal opinion.

    Haha, that’s why you have a link to your blog in every post.

    hey…don’t *you* go to his blog?
    and i can see yours too!!

    Yes, but it takes extra effort from the writer to include a link to their site at the end of post … since these forums don’t support sigs.

    Extra effort? lol :p well… it takes me as much effort to add my link as to write this message… actually only 1/4 of that effort 😉
    (just couldn’t resist lol)

    the name is linked to the blog guys…
    u dont need a sig… 🙂

    <- addicted to sigs… was using forums for past 6-7 years, kinda used to it 😉

    hmm..Lilandra gets petted…hmm…Lilandra prefers chocolate!
    @sushubh: u need a sig..sigs have “snappy” quotes and heavy graphics…all this text and grey needs some bright bright bright bright colours! and sparkles … ooo and … here it comes … TABLES to hold all of the “lovely” images in place!!
    – LilandraAtWork, with a bad memory for passwords…

    MyIE2 can do that too (kinda like FireFox, but FF is a remake of Netscape/Mozilla where MyIE2 uses IE’s engine, have tabbed interface, popup blocker, theming, all u know from FF and MyIE2 was on the net way before FF).
    MyIE2 =
    and… :p

    myIE2 i have and its simple collector is as good as useless.

    Wow…never expected so many replies. It’s not like I want to get thousands of people to go to my site…It’d just be nice to write knowing that there are people reading.
    Root, thanks for the idea of putting the Amazon stuff in a div rather than a list. I’ll try that.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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