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  1. isaacyassar
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi fellas. My blog http://www.goblogger.net is 1.5 month old, pretty new. I'm looking for other new blogs as buddies and create a small network of new blogs to grow together.

    Why? Because those with new blogs often feel discouraged seeing big and successful blogs out there. Their traffic is great, their designs are visually stunning, and they make money real good. New blogs seem small and unworthy in front of them, like having no ability and chance to compete.

    This network is like a lost kid meeting other lost kids trying to find their way around a big zoo. It is much better than being lost alone.

    You can read more info about this network here. But basically, it involves link exchange and readership exchange. But it's not just a link exchange, it's more.

    If you're an active blogger and serious about growing your new blog, we can grow together. Feel free to contact me.

    Cheers :D

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