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[Resolved] New blog registration form issue

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  • No, not normal.

    On the back end, under wp admin -> network, if you click ‘edit site’ does the URL have the last / ?


    Thank you for you’re answer.
    No I don’t see the last / after domain name.
    You can see it at http://www.aquanauten.nl/wordpress.jpg


    No that’s fine 😀 See how the ‘pad’ like (aka Path) has a / ? That’s correct.

    But I meant does the entry for http://newname.mydomain.com have one in ITS path?

    I’m not sure if I understand you correct…

    The website isn’t active yet.
    I would like to let my users know they can change the www in the addressfield for anything they want and via that way can register a blog for themselfs. I thought that was possible.

    For example you can type in your browser:


    Both than show a form like this

    Go to Network Admin.

    Go to Sites

    Edit http://test.aquanauten.nl/ (NOT aquanauten.nl, the TEST site)

    In there, the SAME place you looked at here: http://www.aquanauten.nl/wordpress.jpg

    What is the Path?


    Thanks for your help, but I’m affraid we are misunderstanding each other 🙂

    It’s not about an existing website. I want to give my users the possibility to create a new website by entering it in the address field in the browser.
    They all know about http://www.aquanauten.nl and I want to tell them, that if they want a site for themselfs they just have to change the www for what they want.
    When that is done the form shows up with the strange allready filled in fields.

    When I go to edit for an allready existing site it shows up okay. The site itselfs is also working okay, so that’s not the problem.


    Actually we are 🙂 I wanted to know what you said here:

    When I go to edit for an allready existing site it shows up okay. The site itselfs is also working okay, so that’s not the problem.

    That’s why I asked the way I did. That would have told me that. (Next time, answer the question as asked, if possible, I promise there’s a method to the madness).

    HOWEVER. All of this could have been shortened if you’d said “When people register for a subdomain, it shows as subdomain.WWW.domain.com on the signup screen, but it’s okay on the back end.”

    And the reason? You have www in your domain.

    Go to http://aquanauten.nl/

    See how it redirects you? This is why you were told NOT to do that a couple times in setup.

    The only fix is to remove www, which is not very easy.

    You’d have to treat it like moving WP from http://www.domain.com to domain.com: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#Moving_WordPress_Multisite

    Aha, so thats the cause.
    It’s fixed now, thanks!!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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