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  • The result of 5 days with WP: .
    Only tested with Firefox and Konqueror on Linux.
    Anyone havign problems seeing the unicode IPA characters? Should I declare a different font? I can’t get them to work on Konqueror, but there’s something wrong with fonts on my Konqueror anyway.

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  • Looking good on Firefox and Opera on WinXP. Only problem is when menu is shorter than content, perhaps a “clearer div” will sort this out (lots of posts on that in this forum). I can see the IPA characters fine, I guess that’s the beauty of Unicode! BTW what font did you use to create the header picture? I once tried something similar with the Doulos SIL font from but gave up as I couldn’t find the key combination for “open-mid schwa” (upside down a).
    [Apologies to everyone else for the off-topic Chinese]

    It took me some time to figure out what you meand by “clearer div”. I converted the #menu block to float … and it floated all over the place. It’s working now, unless you resize the browser window too much.
    I haven’t installed Doulos SIL on my (rather recent) Linux installation. But several of the fonts here support the IPA extensions. The one in the logo is called Thryomenes (all good except bold-italic). Very beautiful results from Nimbus Mono, too.
    At smaller sizes than the 75px logo, Century Schoolbook (sans or serif — my standard fonts) and Free Mono give good results as well, and quite a number (Lucida, Free Sans and Serif, Helvetica, Times, URW Bookman …) are acceptable. Note, these are alle GPL (or otherwise free) versions of the fonts, certainly available for Win, but I don’t know how.
    You were looking for #592, I think see this comprehensive unicode site. Their fonts list is obsolete, though, and Clearly U (which they recommend for Unix) is fine but the sizes are way too small. Without having installed any particular unicode font, I can see all but the last two symbols on this page.

    I’m looking at it in IE 6.0 and the menu is floating up halfway through the header, pushing your logo over to the far right.
    Looks good otherwise!

    PETbottle: Errrr…. it took me a lot of effort to get it like this. In other words, it’s intentional (does it look that bad?).
    Actually, I managed to look at it on a dated W98 box myself, and there were some problems:
    In Opera, the menu text starts below the header (the box itself is correctly positioned). Obviously, Opera doesn’t like negative margins. And the logo had an ugly solid light gray background, about half its height, when hovered (it’s supposed to be underlined!).
    IE6 was worse in that it didn’t handle the transparent background of the .png logo! What can I do against that?
    I also changed the font-families, choosing some that don’t only look good on linux.

    OK, my inexperience was showing. It was a nice idea to float the menu half-way across the header, but it didn’t hold up.

    Oh Ok. So it was a *design feaure* then? Welcome to CSS positioning. And welcome to WordPress. 😉

    <pout> yes, it was </pout>
    Thanks for the welcome.

    Here is a question for the forum. Why does an attempt to edit our posts trigger the ant spam protection 60 second delay?

    I think a lot of forums are that way. Posting or editing works the same way. You as a user are attempting to publish information, so it applies. Annoying I know… I’ve brought up the same point on my main forum before…

    Root, thanks. Good gracious, css positioning is a little harder in practice than in theory. I think I fixed them now, and changed a lot (my colour schemes tend towards shades of purple, but just because I can’t seem to get anything else working). I installed the Mozilla/Firefox Webdeveloper extensions, and they are great. You can, for example, see the block elements, labled as div or whatever their nature. I also had a look at your new 2 col stylesheet and took some ideas from there.
    There are two “IE 5.5 hacks” in your stylesheet. I don’t have IE any more unless I boot into Win, and don’t have 5.5 anyway. Does the blog have issues regarding IE?
    It looks fine in firefox now, as far as I can tell.

    It just seems to me a bit spooky to have the color of your bg stop short after the last post.In a short category you end up with a big empty slab which is the same color as the body bg. A bit of fine tuning and it would look much prettier. IMHO. Just my two penn’orth.

    Holy otter! I had fixed that one at some point… and then the xhtml validator complained about a missing </div>, and I put it into the wrong place. Thanks.

    Holy Otter. !!!!!!!! 😉

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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