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  • New Blog Defaults doesn’t display its admin page in WordPress 3.1. You can fix it in cets_blog_defaults.php, function add_siteadmin_page(), by replacing its body with this:

    add_options_page('New Blog Defaults',
                     'New Blog Defaults',

    instead of the call to “add_submenu_page”.

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  • Thanks a million!!!

    Also used your idea to fix cets_blogtopics:

    Change add_submenu_page to add_options_page, and remove the first parameter — ‘wpmu-admin.php’

    Thanks – your hack works 🙂

    Actually, even better, you can add it to the network menu instead. Use

    add_submenu_page('settings.php', 'New Blog Defaults',
                     'New Blog Defaults',

    for the add_siteadmin_page() function. Then, where the action for admin_menu is called using the function, use network_admin_menu instead.

    Just FYI – We’ve updated this.

    Thanks! Can you help me insert into this plugin a line or two of code (hopefully) to change the first page default title to About, instead of the default Sample Page. In wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php there is this:

    $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->posts, array(
    'post_title' => __( 'Sample Page' ),
    'post_name' => __( 'sample-page' ),

    I’ve tried to override it with various things like:
    update_option(2, array('post_title'=>'About', 'post_name'=>'about'));
    to no avail…
    I don’t need an admin control for this, just want to hardwire it under the hood.

    Also, do you work on cets_blogtopics too? I’ve got it up and limping in 3.1 but need some expert input. Sounds like Deanna is not working on WP these days?

    Can anyone confirm whether this works out-of-the-box on WP 3.2.1?


    yes – this works w101

    Thanks MadtownLems..

    Question: in WP 3.2.1+buddypress, should this be installed in
    or in

    If I use the auto-install it places it in wp-content/plugins/wpmu-new-blog-defaults/ yet the install instructions call for placing JUST the cets_blog_defaults.php file in the wp-content/mu-plugins, which by default, doesn’t even exist in my installation.



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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