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  • I’ve been having fun for over a month now on my new blog, Plato’s Chariot (reached via — it’s a long story). I’d appreciate any responses to the use of theme and, of course, the content. And one more thing, I keep looking for a new theme, but the present TIGA seems ideal for me.
    Any opinions, suggestions — criticisms especially welcome.

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  • Quite like the theme, not sure about the dark blue button-look in the sidebars, a bronzy-greeny-browny color might be better (in my view of course!)

    Content? Not my thing, but I have no doubt there are those who enjoy it….

    You might ignore the disabled/screen-readers by not using the alt tag, but those other errors will haunt you.

    Yosemite, what’s the “disabled/screen-readers”? I did run the validator and rung up 32 errors!! I don’t have a clue what that means but it can’t be good. I’m never going to be a techie; I just want to use the technology like a nifty typewriter (Can’t mess around inside them either.)

    By that he means those who are blind, or others who use screen-readers for whatever reason. You might want to check out, and also (considering your content)

    What she ^^^ said ;’)

    How many users of WP are blind?

    Also, could you give me an example of a screen-reader — all I can guess is those who use them are very rich and hire peons to read their screens for them.

    As for and /Mobile … I tell you, I have advanced degrees and have done a fair amount of writing for print in my day, but I cannot penetrate that prose. Do I really have to?

    Looks good. I like the straight-forward design.

    Some constructive criticism:

    The beveled header bars look like toolbars. Almost confusing, like they want to be clicked.

    The nav boxes (politcs, ideas, etc.) at the top would be better horizontal.

    The very top area (Plato…) is very valuable real estate. Try to use it to help the user: why am I here? what kind of content can I expect.

    side bar text is kind of small.

    overall, real nice

    cliffsvoice – “How many users of WP are blind?”

    it’s not “users of WP” you are concerned about – it’s visitors to your website, on the internet, that use screen readers (software that verbalizes the content on the site so they can hear it instead of read it, considering they’re blind)

    the “mobile” thing is for people who access the internet though things like cellphones and PDAs.

    using “alt” tags are so that when people are using screen readers, cell phones, and PDAs – they can still know what the image is about, even though they can’t see it (usually people who access the internet through cellphones or PDAs will turn off images, and of course, we’re back to the blind as well on this)

    all you do with an alt tag is insert it in your image placeholder tag, like such:

    <img src="source/ofyourimage.jpg" alt="Description of the image." />

    fixing that up appears that it will solve about 28 of your 32 validation problems.

    now, all that said – i believe in validating, because it helps when your site “breaks”, and aids in browser compatibility issues, and yes, aids those with screen readers or cellphones and PDAs. but there are a lot of people who don’t believe in it. the choice IS yours, however if you’re building your site to reach other people, then it’d be safe to say you DO “really have to”. if you’re building it for yourself – then who cares? but you’re not – so you kinda do need to fix these things up.

    Thanks to boyjojo for saying what I was thinking about that design.
    And to Ladydelaluna much appreciation for the clarity. The point of ‘silently’ captioning all art work is so obviously right it would have taken weeks or months to dawn on me. I will do it now and forever.
    This being such a new, therefore unsettled project for me, I have now for the moment switched themes. But the process, and your most helpful comments above, is one.

    To tie up this thread, it’s good to say that I’m back to my original theme that you guys were so helpful with. Lots of inside-the-theme work to do; sounds like fun to me. Thanks again.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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