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  • I have spent too much of my time today searching for documentation to help me understand how to use the new block editor. I have only been able to find documentation for serious developers. Can it be that WordPress released this new editor without first preparing documentation for end users such as myself who are not serious developers? This is a bad, bad mistake, folks. It is a WASTE of my time to have to figure out how to use these damn blocks through trial and error. I’ve found a bunch of articles from you all on how amazing this editor is, on how it will allow us to do so much so easily, but you need to know that, without any documentation available to help us understand how to use it, right now it is WASTING our time. Perhaps because you have spent so long working on this new editor, it seems intuitive to you all at this point, but IT IS NOT to those of us who are now in the position of having to figure it out with NO HELP. I hope that once end user documentation is made available, I will discover this amazingness you all have been bragging about, because right now, I am frustratingly underwhelmed.

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    THERE IS NO USER HANDBOOK!!!!! at the link you gave. There’s handbooks for developers and contributors, but for those of us who just want to do a simple, text only post—NOTHING!!!

    Thanks for your reply, but those links you provided in no way provide the level of detail an end user needs to be able to use the new editor effectively. Going through link by link:

    1. Note that under User Handbook there is no link.
    2. 404 error
    3. This is a happy little “the new editor is great!” post with no detail on how to use the editor. It sure would be great if each of those pretty pictures of the blocks in the post linked to detailed instructions on how to use each block.
    4. This is a tiny bit helpful, but I’d already figured this much out on my own through trial and error. I need to know how each and every block can be used. I need to know how the blocks can be positioned and/or layered in order to achieve different kinds of layouts. I need to know why I can’t change the size of my text in a paragraph without it being realigned to somewhere I didn’t mean it to go.

    I need detailed end user documentation, and I need it asap!

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    Hi there, please keep in mind that WordPress is offered for free and developed and supported entirely by volunteers, that includes the Documentation Team too.

    At the moment, efforts are underway to produce excellent documentation for the new editor, but some more volunteers are needed:

    Meanwhile, do you have any specific questions about the editor? We’d be happy to help.

    I’ve been using WordPress for many years, and I appreciate the efforts of everyone who contributes to its success.

    That being said, it seems in this case a decision was made to put a major update into production without first preparing the documentation end users would need to be able to use the new product. This was not a good decision.

    End users should not have to hunt and peck for information regarding a major release. We should not have to come to these forums desperately seeking help. Much of our frustration could have been avoided if the cart hadn’t been put before the horse.

    I’m unable to fairly evaluate the update itself without understanding exactly how to use it. I hope that once documentation is produced and I’m able to use the editor as intended, I’ll be as enthusiastic about it as its developers seem to be.

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    Appreciate your patience 🙂

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    Agreed, and sorry for the trouble, we’re doing our best on our free time to get this done.

    Meanwhile, if you do have any specific questions, we’re more than happy to answer them for you.

    I also recommend my favorite way of learning new things: Just use it, and have fun. There are lots of new blocks available and most of them are either self-explanatory or walk you through what they need once added.

    If you’d rather not do that on your site, have fun over at which is actually a live editor, feel free to click around and break things. 🙂

    Also for some details behind the new editor, check out (skip to 9:51 for the sizzle reel if you want).

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    This is a good guide geared to users:

    It includes text as well as videos.

    this is helpful as well

    I too am really amazed that such a raw – rough thing was released with out decent How To’s for non-developers, but that’s just my opinion

    If you go to about 9 minutes in and watch for a bit, some really quite fun stuff is shown, but by seasoned developers using keyboard short cuts and lots of additional plugins to style into the blocks..

    gutenberg matt

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    The thing is, you don’t have to be “seasoned” to do any of that, that’s the whole point of the new editor. 🙂

    I know the video moves by a bit fast, but all it involves is picking the block you want, filling it in, maybe touch up a few options in the sidebar to the right, and moving on.

    For example:

    “I want to start with a cover image.”

    1. Add the Cover block.
    2. It prompts you right there to upload an image, do that.
    3. It prompts you to add an optional text overlay, you can skip if you want.
    4. Choose an overlay color in the sidebar to the right if you want.

    Now off to the next thing you want.

    But, you don’t have to take my word for it, try it on your site or at 😉

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    If you like the old Classic Editor type experience, select the “Classic Block”.

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