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    Our Dear Users,

    I sincerely, apologize for the delay in response. We redeveloped the plugin just for you, for a better user experience.

    We wanted to make the workflow easier for businesses. The team came together to understand why should a business suffer because of not knowing what their customers were thinking.

    We improved the plugin by listening to our customers, we then developed features that will help solve the problems of our users. By listening closely to them, we’ve rebuilt a robust plugin that will enable any organization to enhance their customer experience. Today, MooWoodle comes with the minimalistic setting that is absolutely required. Removed all shortcodes & pages. Enabled the bought courses under WooCommerce My Account section etc.

    It is compatible with the latest version of Moodle, WordPress, and Woocommerce. The username and password will also be emailed to the customer after a successful purchase. Enrolment is automatic. This growth is not a coincidence but the result of hard work, sleepless nights and attention to our cultural values. Here are our cultural values which we developed learning from our users.

    Thank you.

    Kindly help us in testing this and finalise the product.

    You can download the product from here –

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  • Ambyomoron


    @leaflay – I am a potential user, like you, so I cannot entirely solve your problem, which sounds to be identical to what I experienced. However:

    The documentation for the plugin makes it clear that the assignment of the newly created account to a course is NOT made until the customer either:
    a) clicks on the link in the email (the one that customer never received!); or
    b) goes to a page with a moowoodle shortcode and clicks on the link there.

    You can create that page yourself and test it. I did and it worked fine. So, in my experience there are two problems:

    1) The email is not being sent to the customer; and
    2) The extremely simple and reliable interface in the plugin that existed until ver. 1.3 was thereafter abandoned by an interface increasingly complex and unreliable. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to convince the plugin developers of the virtue of simplicity.

    So, read ALL the instructions for the new version and implement ALL the functionality. That will help you focus on the problem and do troubleshooting.

    Good lucky!


    I found an interesting solution to the problem when a student does not sign up for a course and letters do not recived about new enrollment

    I tried all the options
    – pre-installed tokens
    – reinstalled plugins
    – tried additional functions in the mooddle
    – tested the server for errors

    I found the solution completely by accident when I downgraded the plugin versions in WordPress

    Plugin version 1.3 works fine with config

    WordPress 5.6
    Woocommerce 4.9.2
    Moowoodle 1.3 (!!!!!)

    Moodle 3.7
    Moowoodle 2.1 2021010900

    – when installing plugin 1.3, everything immediately worked, all letters about a new subscription come and a new course is added to the user

    I am also actively in correspondence with the plugin’s technical support, I asked if they have another solution, I am waiting for a response from them

    but everything works for me and everything is connected the first time, plugin 1.3!

    I have set Moowoodle and sync to moodle. After purchasing, the sudent get new emrollment email with username, password and access link to the course. The problem is the username and password can not be used for moodle login.

    Anybody has solution?

    @dualcube, where can I read anything about the pro version? I tried in you site, but notihng found 🙁



    -> subscription does not work

    -> if the student is registered in moodle, the enrollment works perfectly

    I currently use the beta version, but I have to enroll the student through the woocomerce webhook, so I created a delay in the enrollment function

    it works perfectly.

    my settings:
    Plugin: Moowodle beta
    Wordpress 5.6.2
    woocomerce: 4.9.2



    What do you mean a delay in the enrollment function? The problem is the user is never created!

    Hi, Just want to say that we love your plugin, however, have noticed a problematic bug in the latest version. We have installed this plugin on our new website and noticed that there is no longer a Cohort ID, Course ID or Group ID showing on the course products in woocommerce. This is critical to ensure students are enrolled into the correct cohort/group.

    We would really appreciate your help with fixing this.

    Cheers Scott

    Plugin Author Dualcube


    Hello @scotteskilled,

    Thanks for your query, in our latest version we fixed all manual intervention as much as possible. Hence once course sync occurs, it automatically link the course related to the product and link it, however if any admin likes, he / she can change the linked course.

    So course and product got linked automatically.

    HI DualCube… that’s great with the course and product syncing automatically, however, how do we get the user into the COHORT or GROUP, like on the old plugin?? This is critical for managing students to locations, intake, and trainers etc. It seems to be lost on the update? which is strange…. Can you let me know if I am missing somthing here..

    Cheers Scott

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