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  • Thea


    I’m so excited to announce the launch of! I am amazed at how good it looks (if I do say so myself), considering I’m a total novice. WordPress is truly awesome!

    I’m still trying to learn and improve as I go along. I can see I’ll need to work out, eventually, how to improve the sidebar post and page listings as they’re going to get far too long.

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  • Rayvin53


    The site is good, the bellydancing is better! Really liked the one of Aradia, she is fascinating to watch…


    (@kneeki) made my dizzy once I scrolled.

    Suggestion: Don’t tile.



    Wow, snazzy site there! I am a huge fan of belly danceing.




    Thanks for the tip, kneeki. I’ve changed to another theme as I found some strange things happening with phpBay. The new theme has no background so the tiling has gone!

    I was using the Adflex Niche theme. It was certainly very easy to customise for a newbie, but looking at the code, it also seems a bit top-heavy – probably due to the automated customisation. I tried to add a forum and some very peculiar things happened! Has anyone else used it?

    I think you posted on the Yellow Swordfish site too, no?

    I would suggest using a one-column page template for the forum – please let me know if you need help! Simple:Press can work for your theme.



    Thanks Rose. I tried reloading the forum after I had changed to my new theme, and it worked first time, no problem. So clearly, it was the Adflex Niche theme that was causing the trouble – like Yellow Swordfish said.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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