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  • I’ve created a new (well, new to me anyway) 2-column Basic Black Style for use on my blog up here in the Great White North. You can read more about it, try it out with my Style Switcher (thx to Alex King, TechGnome, and SouthernGal for help in getting that going) or even get yourself a copy on my site, midtoad’s mess.ages, in the wordpress category.

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  • Just a tip to all 56K’ers, don’t go there, or prepare to wait for half an hour, it got lots (and I mean it) of graphics.
    No harm intended. Peace.

    MaxT, if you go to my second link in my post above, ‘wordpress category’, there’s only one post on that page, with no graphics.
    Sorry to run your connect bill up. I forget how slow dial-up can be, until I try to browse with my cell-phone, that is!

    MaxT, the site itself has a lot of pictures ’cause it is his blog, and he likes to publish pictures. I got the impression that the css stylesheet itself uses large images, which is not the case. Just had to leave a note here for others who might think like I did upon reading your reply.
    Good job, midtoad, why don’t you send it over to alexking, so maybe he can list this style too?

    yeah, why is my server so slow? For some reason there’s a huge latency before it reacts. I’m running a P2-350 MHz machine (IIRC) with SMEServer 5.6 (Linux 2.4 kernel) and a newish mySQL.
    Any ideas on how to determine what’s causing the delay?

    I’m using a P2-350 MHz server, IIRC. It has 256 MB of RAM. I don’t know why it is so slow in serving up WordPress pages. My UP site takes about 8 seconds to serve up its home page, but my old postNuke site takes only half that long, for a similar number of posts. Why the delay? how to debug?

    here’s something strange! Trying to get the pageviews plugin working, I put a ‘require’ statement for it in my-hacks.php. The thing doesn’t work, so I took the statement out. Now my index.php loads twice as fast!
    perhaps the delay was because the pageview script is trying to make a database connection and is failing, and the delay is due to that.

    Updated version of scheme:
    Thanks to Lily, I discovered that I hadn’t set a white text colour in the feedback area. So you could post comments, but they’d be black on black. (that’s not a bug, it’s a feature: prevents people from reading over your shoulder).
    I’ve updated the scheme, and you can find a new version 0.2 here

    but it’s just me…nobody reading over my shoulder…but you make a good point! when i go back home, i might have to implement this “feature”

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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