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  • I’ve been struggling to create a multisite with subdirectory. I’ve tried following guides to modify the wordpress enable the multisite from a non-multisite install, but also to switch the multisite install from subdomain to subdirectory.

    I’m not sure what is cleanest. I have a history with cpanel, but would like to learn AWS directly.

    What’s the cleanest way to do this? I don’t want a dirty method pulled together with lots of plugins. How do I do it right? I can start over again and again only wasting my time. No content or existing multisites to worry about moving.

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    I’ve updated the wp-config to allow me to create a subdirectory multisite, but I get the following when navigating to the admin panel – “ redirected you too many times.”

    However, when I navigate to the reader multisite it loads; however, there is no formatting and just a column of blue links before an unformatted default home page.

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