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    Hi I have installed the BP Avatar Suggestions plugin version 1.1.0 but for some reason the add avatar button does not appear as it does in your example video.

    If I got to settings – buddy press – avatar suggestions

    I see the screen shown in your video that says ” To add an avatar, click on the ‘Add an avatar’ button but there is no button to press on that screen for me like there is in your video.

    All I see above this description is an empty box labeled ‘New Avatar’ and below it another empty box labeled ‘New Avatar’

    Do you know why the buttons to actually create a new avatar are not showing up for me ?

    I have tried to access the screen on the chrome browser and also safari but in both cases the buttons are not present. Is there a setting I have to select in admin to actually enable those buttons ? I don’t speak french so there maybe something I am misunderstanding about how to set it up. Could you let me know.



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  • Hi

    Can you share a screenshot about this ?

    I wasn’t aware this forum supported attaching images. How do I attach an image to the post or is there another way you would like me to send you the screenshot. There isn’t much to see on the screenshot though. It has the labels and instructions on how you are supposed to add avatars but no buttons are present on it like in your example video.

    Just to let you know I think I have worked out why the buttons weren’t appearing. For some reason the theme that we were using on our site didn’t appear to be compatible with it. When using the Happy Kids theme the ‘add avatar’ button didn’t appear. As a test I changed the theme to the 2013 theme and then the buttons appeared and worked correctly like in your video. Do you have any idea why this is the case ? As a result I’m guessing we should look for another theme for the site rather than happy kids. Do you have any idea what feature was missing in the happy kids theme ? I would like to know what we have to watch out for when selecting another theme.



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