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  • <?php wp_list_authors(‘style=none’); ?>

    this fails to return author list

    argument ‘style=list’ returns authors list

    argument ‘style=’ sporadically returns authors list ( maybe 1 out of 100 )

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  • With latest version (Revision: 11521) using WordPress Default theme, two authors (one of them admin) where each author has one post:

    This in sidebar.php shows the one user that is not the admin user:
    <?php wp_list_authors('style=&hide_empty=0'); ?>

    This shows nothing:
    <?php wp_list_authors('style=&exclude_admin=0'); ?>

    You want to open a trac ticket on that???
    See Reporting Bugs

    Since 2.8 release is nearing, I jumped the gun and reported via Trac Ticket 10042. Thanks for the report.


    The problem remains unresolved in 2.8 RC-1

    You can try the patch on that ticket, and if it works for you, please report that on the ticket.

    The patch solves the problem of failing to display, but the contents are output in a comma delimited list which is inconsistent with either the wp_list_categories, and wp_list_pages tags which output their content with

  • notation suitable for use in a DIV class.
  • These functions are used on the right hand column at

    When style=”list’ the output fails to stay in the column.

    after the fix

    when style= is used

    the output is displayed one continuous comma delimited block.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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