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  • Below I had already posted as reply in other post, but seems you don’t see replies Benjamin, so here again:

    I installed it, tested it, and plan to write a thorough review – which would be your first, going through the existing reviews…

    Now, not to harm your amazing ranking, I thought it’s proper to give you heads up here: Maybe you’d like to reply, or even wish to rectify issues before I review?
    At the moment it would be unfair to other plugins if I gave this one 5 stars, you see?

    – “Flush Permalinks” button does NOTHING. “View Sitemaps” afterwards, and the SAME OUTDATED sitemaps exist. How do we delete your old sitemaps creations and only have the NEWEST ones available for SE to index?

    – I tried your plugin for your much marketed “free content analysis”. Sadly precisely there it lacks everything: the “analysis” it offers is ….

    eg “keyword was found 1 times” – yeah, so what, I know that: I put it there! But WHAT are you trying to say? I have no crystal ball, you know?
    eg “None of your target keywords were found in Heading 3 (H3).” – And?? The page doesn’t have subheadings because it’s irrelevant for that page. But seeing your red cross I am wondering “is H3 needed nonetheless?” You should write some EXPLANATION there, hm?

    Honestly, “content analysis” I thought would be VERY different of what you output there. “Content analysis” means so much more to me (and to other authors).

    – “Social” tab: AIOSEO scanned the post for images and showed them. Then you could tick the one you want to use for social sharing. [IDEA] 😉
    Plus, it always had a default image to share, in case you forgot to select one. [IDEA] 😉

    In your plugin I neither get to see WHAT currently gets shared, nor a choice what I COULD share. Only “upload” or enter url.
    That costs us too much time for each post, you see?

    – “Advanced”: “You can not uncheck a parameter? This is normal, it is most likely defined in the global settings of the extension.” – WHERE? I can’t even see those “global settings”? Could you link the words? Like you did with “Looking to edit your blogpage?” ?

    – General “Advanced” page: All from “Remove WordPress generator meta tag” and below have no “info” icon anymore, but precisely for those it would help so much to get an explanation from you, you see?
    I have now ticked all of them, until I get to hear I shouldn’t?

    – “Security”: “Block SEO metabox to user roles” – makes no sense in English: do you mean to say “block FOR” say admin role?, or “LIMIT” the box to the ticked roles? – which is the exact opposite, hence why I have to ask what you mean?

    So basically, if you could at least fix the xml sitemap error, that would be great. 🙂

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