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    Hey guys I recently redesigned my artist website, made the move over from Joomla because it was a little too complicated for me, just started it recently though. Anyone have any comments or suggestions for my site? I’m still working on some things on it not sure what to do next though. I realized i have a lot of validation problems somehow as so I’m going to have to fix those along with some problems like the background not scrolling and i know i’m probably missing some meta/alt tags.

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  • Excellent blog, the theme of the blog goes very well with the pictures and wallpapers that you have. The social media integration is great,

    here are a few quick tips:

    1) The Images are of higher resolution and they are re-seized on the browser, for example: 1,024px × 768px (scaled to 640px × 480px)

    I would suggest you to re-size the images at 640 * 480 off line on your computer before uploading them. That way your page loading will improve quite a lot. You can upload the higher resolution images too, and link them with a download option, below the image.

    2) use feedburner and give a few feed sign up options, that way, you will get some regular readers of your blog in time.

    over all, it is a great blog,
    keep it updated,

    Hey thank you so much for your comments and advice!

    I have been trying to figure out the best way to do my images, that sounds like a better idea, I was wondering though if I would be able to (and if itd work as well) to link the image itself (640×480) to the Higher Resolution version I upload to the site instead of it’s own version it’s usually linked to? If that makes sense.

    And thanks so much for the advice on feedburner! I have been getting it setup, I didn’t know much about feeds before so glad to be learning though!

    Thanks again! So glad you like the site!

    @garretbohl, yes that image strategy is good, you will have to upload the higher resolution image separately but you can link it to the lower resolution image that will be displayed,


    im not much of an expert here, but maybe a slider would captivate more of an audience? maybe also use something more for the background in your editor? But I think the site looks awesome. look at my backdrop. [moderated – lease stop posting your site’s url]

    I like the overall colors/graphics of the site…background, header, layout, content, etc. are all good looking.

    However, the TwentyTen theme is a bit limited in personality. For an artist site I think it needs something with more features like a gallery slider to showcase a couple of your pieces. Maybe a small gallery in the sidebar so a visitor can take a quick look at some of your work and get an idea of what the site has to offer.

    Definitely your home page needs more information and images to get visitors interested to dig deeper into the site.

    Good luck,

    @adsenseplugin, Great thanks so much!! Gonna do it like that from now on knew I should be getting my pageload down more

    @martinsburg, Yea i’ve been thinking about a slider, I didnt do one at first cause I wanted my gallery to link to new pages, I think I’m going to try to put one on my homepage or something though or see what my best option is. Thanks so much!

    @roostertail, Thanks so much for the suggestions. Yea the reason I ended up going with TwentyTen and the gallery setup was mainly for SEO reasons and I didnt wanna spend money on a nice artist theme. I wanted my gallery to be able to link to a specific page for each artwork though so I could do keywords and SEO for each one, since my site gets very little traffic, and I didn’t think there were any sliders i could do that with really.
    I think i’m definately going to try to put one on my homepage or something though if I can do that, I really like the idea of one. I really like your suggestion for the small gallery in the sidebar too, gonna see about putting one of those in as soon as I can too. Yea I figured my homepage needed a lot more, I’ve been having trouble coming up with what to put on it really. Thanks so much for your suggestions, this really helps me out a lot, i’ve got a lot of stuff to work on now.

    Thanks again guys!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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