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  • Something has changed within Google Analytics.
    When I set it up now, it asks about Data Streams, and as a result, when I go to authorise and select the domain from the Dropdown via this plugin, it fails to show the new website.

    Has GA changed something that stops this plugin from picking up new sites?

    It’s a major problem. I cannot track any new sites.

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  • Yes I have exact the same issue – the tracking code also doesn’t start with UA- anymore

    Google have changed things around and it defaults to their new setup. Simply scroll down the page when you create the property and check ‘Create a Universal Analytics property’. Once you enable the old UA way of doing this you’ll see your new site show up after you have authorized GainWP.

    Can this be done after we have already created the account and property?
    We tried it twice you see, so ideally want to ‘enable’ it on one of those properties, then delete the other.

    I found the toggle. Added it for another site.
    But because it takes ages to delete a property, is there a way to just toggle it and enable it in one? Or do we have to do a Third one?



    Well, where is the toggle to revert a property to Universal Analytics? An excellent way to not be helpful to anyone else with the same problem, to share there is a toggle and not explain where. Thanks for that… 😂 Google has horrible documentation and they want to push everyone to this new analytics system.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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