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  • Hi there all!

    Just like to announce that Amazon Media Manager 1.5 for WordPress is now available from

    It’s been a while in coming, but the new version is so far improved from the old one it hardly seems fit to call it 1.5, it should be 5.0 or something BUT, to stay in synch with the wordpress value for which it’s designed we went with 1.5

    The new system has:

    * Inbuilt search
    * Options page for, well, options
    * So many configurable ways to output stuff you’ll hopefully be able to do anything!
    * Support for displaying items in posts using quicktags
    * Go and get it now. 🙂

    Seriously, head over to and grab a copy, there might be one or two little bugs we’ve not squashed but on the whole it should be all good.

    Sozu doesn’t have a forum or comment system yet, so for the meantime, keep your eyes on these forums and on where you can comment for the time being.

    If it calls for it, we’ll start a support thread in here too.


    ** PLEASE NOTE**
    Due to our host, occasionally you may get “Document Contains No Data” when trying to access the Sozu website.

    If this happens, just try again a few minutes later, they’re working out some issues.

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  • Why oh why must you resort to hacking before checking the options page… 😛

    SCPanther did exactly the same thing!!

    All you have to do is go to Options in you wordpress administration, then go to the “AMM” option.

    When we said the new AMM was much better than the old one, we weren’t joking 🙂

    Will there be an option to enter the ASIN/ISBN number like previous versions? The search seems to only work on keywords.

    Other than that, much better than the previous version I was using. Thanks very much!

    You can enter the ASIN/ISBN number in the keyword field and it will pull up that item.

    You just have to make sure you’ve got the right country selected. For example searching by ASIN/ISBN for an item that only exists in the USA with “Japan” selected won’t get you any results.

    Thanks! I kept looking under Manage, and for some reason, completely spaced out the Options tab. All is well now. 🙂 I must get back to making my 1.87 a quarter, you know.

    You break 1.87 a quarter? What’s your secret?!… 😉
    After writing the original AMM and running that for over a year, and writing and releasing the new one I have so far made…


    Nothing, zip, nada, zilch.

    Maybe I should have forbidden people to use their own Amazon ID’s? 🙂

    Doh! I was putting the ASIN in and selecting an incorrect category. If I put the correct category in, or leave it to ‘All’ I get the result. *blush*

    I cannot figure this out. I’m putting the example code into amm_extras.php, but I keep getting this error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/ktrame/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/amm/amm_extras.php on line 93

    When I try to just use the default template, I get this fatal error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: amm_default_template() in /home/ktrame/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/amm/amm_output.php on line 139

    I don’t get it… do I *have* to create my own template? Can somebody give me an example, because the example isn’t working.

    Nevermind, the example on the page said default_template when it should have been default_output.

    Something about the code is messing up my table background in IE. The first item shows up fine, but the second item has a white background.

    <A HREF=””>here</A>

    When I remove the “ul class=”amm” code in amm_extras.php, it fixes the white background but causes all items except the first one to be indented a little more.

    Any clue how I can fix this?

    This plugin looks great. However, there is one thing I’d like to accomplish that I haven’t been able to figure out.

    I’d like to display a group of books on a page based on my own grouping (ie, a category or tag) and different groups of books on other pages. It looks like AMM has no category capability other than Amazon’s product group categories, which don’t let me differentiate between types of books, only between books and other items (DVDs, electronics, etc.)

    I suppose I could create a template that doesn’t display ratings and use the rating numbers to provide 6 makeshift categories. It looks like rating is the only field I can specify that has a filter in amm_getMedia().

    Am I missing something obvious? Any thoughts on a better way?

    doug – if it turns out AMM doesn’t support what you are looking for (I don’t know offhand), CG-Amazon does allow you to specify a custom tag/cat per item in your database. Just fyi. If you have Qs, contact me offline from this thread at cgcode at chait dot net.

    This sounded interesting, and since I will be selling Amazon items on my site, I’m going to install it in a day or two when I get time. Just a quick question, and laugh at me if you must: Does this work for in the USA, or just the UK version (going by your website domain, I just want to be sure). Thanks!

    PJ Brunet


    Is there a blog I can see this thing in action? I’m not sure I get it… Amazon doesn’t exactly give a big commission either–seems like selling ebooks would be much better.

    How can I change the display text below each image? I’d prefer to have just the item name below each image.

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