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  • That’s interesting 🙂 However, are you attempting to share the design and elements of your websites with others to receive critique or just linking for SEO benefit?? Let us know and I’ll give you a few pointers.

    Website loads very slow by the way. You blocked viewers from viewing the page source so I can’t even tell if you’re caching…


    Great, smart question. I’m actually doing Both, and you are the first person to mention my right-click prevention. Recently, I’ve started to become a little paranoid about losing the results of all the efforts I have put into my website.

    I’ve been on an incremental learning curve for quite a few months and have recently focused on Responsive Web Design. What I find interesting is that it doesn’t seem to have broad spectrum support throughout the WordPress Community….so I thought that I would instigate discussions wherever I could. Here’s another example:

    Concerning my load speed. I’m using WP Super Cache and cut it ON and OFF several times today as I altered some posts on my website. May or may not have given you problem. Your are the first person to mention anything about it.

    I’m a fairly new volunteer to the WordPress forum but I do know that the purpose of the “Your WordPress” forum is NOT to help with SEO. If a moderator sees this he or she might take action so be careful!!

    To be honest I’m not sure what you’re trying to hide. It’s a very basic 2011 theme. I would love to hear what exactly you are trying to hide as this really is a strange method.

    A standard 2011 theme shouldn’t be loading that slowly. I have a great internet connection and it takes 4-5 seconds for a page to load.


    Thank you for your concern about my acceptance within the WordPress Community. Up till now, I never knew I had a problem with it. Your view of SEO, and mine don’t seem to coincide. Your website WPexpert.US is a business set up to provide services to the Public. You present yourself as a “WordPress, SEO, & Security Specialist”. You do it for a Fee (money). I have no problem with that at all, and I’m a dog. Your intention is to perfect your own website’s SEO, as well as your prospective customers. That’s why you are having this discussion with me.

    My intentions are two-fold.

    First: to attract traffic to my website using articles, comments, conversation, entertainment, images, music, philosophy, photos, recommendations, reviews, videos, and anything else that distinguishes me differently from any other entity (dog, or human) on the planet.

    Second: to accomplish that goal I have to be “different” in some aspect, in order to stand out.

    Anyone that says they aren’t striving for their own website’s SEO are LYING. Without it, you don’t receive traffic. And with a business site, you don’t receive money. A website without proper SEO is like owning a billboard in the middle of a forest that never sees human traffic.

    Enough of that, and back to Mobile Responsive Web Design.

    Patrick, using each of these Mobile Layout Testing Tools:

    Matt Kersley’s Tool AND Screenfly , Copy & Paste the Home Page URL of your own website. It’s not Mobile Responsive (the viewer has to scroll laterally to view all of it.)

    If you’re OK with that, that’s fine.

    Please do not make assumptions, shapeshifter 3. I actually participate in forum discussions as a volunteer to help people FOR FREE with their WordPress related issues. I have never mentioned the services I provide for my clients nor would I ever in the future. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s be nice? please?? Posts like these really ruin my happiness to help others. 🙁

    I just wanted to let you know that the purpose of the “Your WordPress” forum is not to attract traffic to your website.

    Thanks for providing those links. I am aware that the site is only optimized for desktops/laptops and iPad like devices and I am completely fine with that. Over 98% of my site visitors uses firefox or chrome so I don’t find a need. 🙂 It sure is very crucial for some websites though!!

    Best of luck with your endeavors! By the way, I do recommend writing more original content on your website. It’s mainly links. I’m still not sure what you’re trying to hide by not showing the page source.

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