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  • Hello, I have a number of WP sites. I have been notified over the past day that a new user account has been set up in quite a few of my sites. It always has adminsite@domainname as the email.

    I have been going in and just deleting them but I am very concerned that someone is able to create a new user without my consent or involvement in this way. It is always an admin user which is a bit scary.

    I always upgrade to the most recent WP version.

    What is going on please? Is there anything I can do to prevent these user accounts being opened? Thanks

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  • pinokio


    Check for malware, weird codes in plugins and themes.
    Change your passwords.

    Yep, and have a look how the standard role of new users is configured under general settings. If you allow user registration, they should never get admin status by default!

    Make sure you default username isn’t “admin”, which makes it far easier for hacker to get in your site.

    Hi TessaJ.
    Same happen here. Several of my sites got a new admin. In one case two admins (see attachment).
    I’m very concern about this.
    Regarding the tips of LapanWebsite and derflorian my user it’s not admin and I had a strong password that’s different for every site or every platform that I’m registered.
    I already changed the passwords… but my primary concerns are towards to what he/she/they did.
    I’m an affiliate marketer and I already check that the links are ok. In one case I find some link’s hidden in the code pointing to nowhere (I think it was a project of a site that was never concluded).
    What did they do? What do they want? Just to show that it can do it? What can they do?

    Hi TessaJ

    Check this out. Some guys already had this problem a year ago.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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