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  • hi there,
    ive just been made a new admin of a blog that uses wordpress and have been asked to make some changes to the site. will i have to download wordpress to my desktop to alter it and if so. how will i get my blogs database in order to affect changes to the site. like changing images and what not any help would be welcome.


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  • No, you access WP sites through a browser — unless you want to work on it offsite on your local machine. You should read Getting Started with WP.

    yep that is what I meant sorry. I over complicated it. id prefer to do it offsite, in case of a mistake.
    also I had a look at the css style sheet section and it doesn’t have a…visual editor its just the code, haven’t been done this since uni so I’m a bit rusty, are there any options to make it more like dream weaver or would I have to get a txt editor elsewhere?

    In that case, you need to do a Local Install. But that means you then have to upload the changed pages and still upload any images via FTP which is more complicated. You can make most changes within WP Dashboard — which is set up to need no knowledge of coding. There is a visual editor built in, although you can also view the html code.

    IF you do end up wanting to modify code itself, you do not need Dreamweaver — but just a basic text editor.

    What you might want to do just to familiarize yourself with how WP works is to create a free “practice” site on wordpress.COM — which is a fully hosted site that has the same basic functionality (though more limited) of wordpress.ORG sites. You won’t have all the options — unless you pay for them — but you’ll get an idea of the general set-up and how it works. Once you have a better idea, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about local host or not.

    cool thanks

    You might also want to do some background reading on WP — there are some good books (look at ratings on Amazon) and websites out there. With books, do be sure they are fairly recent — otherwise the examples and information tend to be outdated and not always correct because WP changes with updates.

    thanks again.

    ive had a look around at some text editors but some dont allow me to see what im changing as im doing it

    The WP dashboard does that – really, you need to test drive it so you know how it works before you worry about that! Unless you decide to make really big changes to the site, you won’t need to do any custom coding — and you certainly won’t want to start off there — LOL! You can do a LOT of stuff just using the dashboard functions.

    What version of WP and what theme does the site use?

    latest version of WP and the theme is Arthemia.
    ive made a practice one and gonna play around with that for the weekend

    thank you so much

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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