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  • Hi there,
    I’m interested in this and I’m looking into having a similar solution coded at the moment but my requirement is quite specific.

    It would need to be bridged into s2member.
    User accounts would need to be admin approved if account creation was outside of S2member.
    Users would have the ability to add/edit/delete their own entries.

    This kind of functionality would slash admin times on many sites and therefore, be valuable to a lot of admins I think. Certainly valuable to me. Let me know your thoughts.

    How is development going? I’m still very interested in the addon.

    Hi, I’d be interested in this.

    Can users edit their locations too?

    I’m really interested in this also.

    I just set up a form so users can email me to correct or add their entries for now.

    very interested!

    I am currently using gravity forms for new user registrations

    Hello, I’m working on a membership-based site for a restaurant directory and this would save my client lots of time and effort-how soon do you think this add-on might be released and can the entry form be located on a static page which is (S2 Member) membership-protected?

    @dunpeal: Is the plugin/addon available? If it exists, it looks like you already have some sales. Would it be possible to update the thread with some input please?

    I just thought I would take this opportunity to update this seemingly lost the thread with some good news. After becoming desperate for this functionality and not seeing any response from the developer here, I finally had to bite the bullet and pay someone to do the job.

    A fully functional’ user generated locations’ plug-in has now been developed by Brighton based developer, Don Benjamin. It works seamlessly, it plays nice with S2 member and I am sure it will only get better as Don develops it further. Although it was developed specifically for my requirement, Don is positive that with very minor tweaking, it can fit to any site. If anyone requires this functionality I can highly recommend his new plugin and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.

    He’s here:

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @imagei : Thanks for the update. I’ve been putting some hooks into 3.8.19 for Don’s work.

    this would be exactly what i need. It should be quite easly to implement. When user signs up he should get rights “shop owner” to publish his own page. Would be awesom. And even would concider to pay small fee. I now have fixed a work around with members. Not as seamless as it could be.

    I’m pretty certain it will be a paid for plugin, but I don’t resent paying solid developers for their skills. I’ve already purchased a couple of the pro packs for SLP which work great, and to be honest, without a bit of trickle dollar, how can we expect these guys to keep up the work load.
    I can’t afford to work for nothing and I certainly don’t expect others to.
    And thanks for a great plugin in the first place Lance. Even more powerful now it has this functionality and it plays nice with S2member. Great work from Don.

    Hoorah for WordPress.

    i don’t see anything like a link or demo

    so hoorah again for you big boy

    Contact Don if you want a working solution. His link is listed above and I’ve already deployed his plugin with great success. I’m not big, just hardworking. X

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    As soon as I finish working on a big customization project (3 weeks of work) this is next on the list.

    I also have the widget pack developer coming by next week to put out a new version of the widget pack.

    I am looking for exactly this plugin, but where a user can submit their locations and the admin approves. Is this already available?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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