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  • Hi,

    I use this plugin.
    But their are some features that I missed.
    So I add them. Here they are :

    • Add Ajax ♡
    • Use beautiful CSS3, with alternative for old browsers
    • HTML5 validate
    • Add a register form, when activated in general settings
    • Add option for choosing modal in widget
    • Can now change the position of modal popup
    • Add option for redirection on log in or out
    • and more …

    Feel free to use it too. Link to the plugin is here. Tell me if you found some bugs.

    See some pictures:
    Look for today 🙂
    Lost password in dutch

    To see CSS3 in action you need to try it… 😉 Hard to show with a screenshot.

    Nota: because of all the changes, you will have to set back your options.


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  • Nota: I change some css classes.
    If some of you are interested I can “sketch” them.
    So you could easily change the look…

    Thanks ! I will have a look at this. Too bad the original creator did not update his plugin 🙁

    Do you plan to make an “official” plugin ?

    A little problem with one site: the modal windows does not work (it shows the classic login window). I made some tests, it’s not the theme. Maybe a plugin but I cannot understand what plugin could do that.

    A suggestion: could you add a “lost password” link in the widget itself (not in the modal window) ?

    Thanks for sharing Boulli.
    i dont know php and css… only basic things.
    so i ask for your help, to tell me how to change the register link?
    when a user click on register, then user will be redirected to a page from my site.

    sorry for my english

    I ask the author if he wanted to we work together.
    Otherwise, I will make a fork (add it as another official plugin).

    For the bug, do you have a link.

    For the suggestion. If I got some time I will look for that.

    Actually, when clicking on register link, you’re not redirected.
    A form will apear. Test it you will see.

    I will try to recreate the “bug” on a test blog. I will give you the link.

    OK, found the problem:
    When activated, the modal windows do not work.

    Hi, great plugin! Love it and am using it on my page.
    But i have 2 things that bug me a bit.

    1) Focus should be added to the username field when it opens, so i can start writing my login straight away.

    2) Is it possible to call it from a Button(ie. Login button)?



    On this page you said you would merge these changes into the official plugin. I’m sure you are very busy but is this still in the works or should I just go get the fork?

    Thanks, Ron


    I continue a little bit the code some month ago but didn’t put it on the internet.

    Has two admin pannels now: simple (intuitive form) and avanced (xml)
    Allow to change default tags’ text and placeholders, ie. <label_username> Nickname: </label_username>
    In admin pannel, preview without saving has been added
    Bugs corrections: modal fixed on scrolling, classic location improved, HTML5 validation improved

    Code is here:

    Thanks for the updates ! You should post it on the depot I think…

    Which “deposit” do you mean?

    Well, the “official WP depot” 🙂 Did you ? I did not saw it.

    I made several improvement to flexible frontend login:

    • Add inline option to get a login form always visible: no ‘click to popup’ [Screenshot Post] [Screenshot Widget]
    • Can now show avatar when user loged in with <login_avatar /> [Screenshot]
    • Can now specify an adimintration page, like profile [Screenshot]
    • Auto-focus added to the fields when dialog open
    • Add remember me checkbox: <input_remember_me> and <label_remember_me>
    • Improve XML editor (colors, line numbers and autocompletion) [Screenshot]
    • Add new css example: painting [Screenshot]
    • And other stuff (see readme.html)

    Download it here: flexible frontend login 1.3

    Since John does not have much time to develop flexible frontend login, I ask him to take over development. I will make my code “official” in a few weeks. I want to add one or two things before.

    So it will be a new version of Flexible Frontend I suppose ?

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