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    Hi all

    I have installed gallery slideshow. I want a user account to be able to edit/control/Configuration of the gallery without giving them access to the actual Admin panel. I am using access rights and tried adding (edit_slideshow) and other various forms of this but nothing seems to be working when it comes to the user having access.

    How do i give access to this plugin without full admin rights please?.

    As good as this (Access Rights) controller is it would be good if it could update it’s self with all new plugins installed as this would be a much appericated capability I am sure.

    [Just a thought]

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  • Get these plugins:

    Adminimize – will allow you to hide admin items per user role.
    If it doesn’t get everything you want to hide, there are a lot of codes for this kind of thing floating around. I use a few myself. It really depends on exactly what you want to hide, there’s a lot under the hood you know.

    User Role Editor – will remove access to, and so auto-hide admin items based on user role.

    I am already using U.R.E.
    This is what my question was about originally U.R.E, How do I or is it possible to make U.R.E give access rights to Plugins and if so how do write it in the “Add New Capabilities”.

    I am using the Editor Role for this but as for my Admin Panel I am the only one with access to this as it’s quite large as a whole so given just anyone access would be totally follish on my part should anything go wrong.

    This website only offers certain editing rights per page as I sell pages to advertise on. This part works great but offer plugins for stuff they can do on those pages I’m finding hard at the moment because of this access right thing.

    I’ve had a look at the WP-Network script but that also provides uses with amin access rights that could affect other users. So 1 plugin would work for all but if one stuffs that plugin up everyone is affected. Thsi si not a good thing at all.

    What I need if to b able to give access rights to certian plugins to some and not others without actually allowing access to the admin.

    I will look into what you gave me and update later.


    Here is an update. This may sound strange but when using just the U.R.E and adding new capabilities written as (edit_gallery, edit_slideshow) it wasn’t working but I then installed the “Adminimize” as you requested and it actually re-created the (edits_name) I did before to working ones and I now have exactly what I am after.

    So “DeepBevel” I do thank You very much fo rthat suggestion.

    This is only my second WP although I have put the other one to the side right now as this one is needed urgently. But I am finding out that it’s not what you want to do with WP that is a drawback as there seems to be Plugins for almost everything I have wanted so far, BUT it’s knowing what to ask for and how to word it correctly for it to be found in the searchbars which is the biggest drawback.

    But I myself am finding this out and learning along the way.


    Adminimize is great because it just hides specific admin things without messing with roles, someties that’s sufficient, and preferable, glad it worked out for you.

    And you are right, you will find anything you need for wordpress, if you can figure out how to ask, that’s the hard part.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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