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  • Hi!

    I build a little theme which is based on the fabulous relaxation theme from Jown Wrana.

    The theme features a 3rd column which can be entirely used for your own purposes. A productive version of the theme can be found on my blog. I use the 3rd column for a preview of my flickr photos, the most recent purchased CDs and the books I read lately.

    The theme is delivered with 10 different header graphics which can be seen in this Flickr WordPress Themes Set. All photos used are published under the CC licence and can be used on any private or non profit organization website.

    The style sheet contains 10 color definitions matching the header graphics and also a documentation which style sheet definitions need to be changed if you create your own header graphic.

    The html code generated is valid xhtml 1.1 and the css is valid as well.

    The theme can be downloaded here.
    A version with the Adobe Photoshop File for the header can be downloaded here (5MB!).

    Please post any questions, critic, etc. in this thread.

    thanks for looking

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  • hi there….very nice, but theres is something wrong atm.

    the pic you have in your latest post is a bit too large. it destroys your sidebar hard. the 3 colum is moved out of line. if you could margin the content a bit more to the left side, you can use those pictures

    if you take a look at the categories everythings okay. a 3 colum layout is very nice. i have something in my mind 🙂

    great sunday and canada should get the old and the new worldchampion in icehockey!!

    austrian fanpower

    yes. Very nice template. PSD too! Thanks.

    Hi yuh,

    looks like Canada didn’t make it. I resized the picture for the moment. It only destroys the layout in the Internet Exporer. I wonder if I could write a style definition which renders those pictures above the little piece of sidebar. I would not like to move the content to the left to leave it the space it needs to look airy.

    Thanks for your nice feedback everyone!
    I changed some minor things in the stylesheets and added a home link to the header graphic. I will update my ZIP files tomorrow morning and make them available to download them.


    Wow. Marvelous! And I don’t even like 3 columns ’cause they’re always too busy – but you’ve managed that so nicely I might give this a shot.

    Very well done!

    I had to move the blank.gif to my website/images/ folder

    Otherwise everything is fantastic. ! Good work!

    Very nice work with the 3 columns. I hadn’t seen a 3 column layout that I had liked up until now. I might have to redesign my site now.

    Good work

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your kind feedback.

    I updated both zip files. The changes are:

    is now located in the images folder of the theme and is working as it should do

    #sidebar a:hover
    #sidebar2 a:hover
    are now in the same color as h2, etc. and the text-decoration is now set to underline.

    If you want to upgrade then please download the Theme file without the Photoshop file. This saves me a bit of traffic.

    Kind regards

    Hi everyone!

    I updated my theme (some minor bugfixes) and also created a german documentation. The download links have changed.

    Please download the latest english version from here
    Please download the latest german version from here
    And the photo shop header file (header file only!) from here

    Please leave your feedback here or in my blog:

    Kind regards


    I downloaded the template and installed it, but don’t understand how to change the header image. I’ve got the blank.gif file in my image folder, and it’s using one of the images, but doesn’t change automatically. I’d like to switch to the dock image, but can’t figure out how to. In fact, I deleted all the jpgs from my image folder except the dock, but somehow it still has another image as the header (one I deleted!). Can anyone help out?

    I’m also working on adding text and a description to the header, but can’t get it to be on the right, so I may revert back to connections theme until I figure it all out, but help is still needed! Thanks!!!
    WHL –

    After you made the changes, did you clear your cache and hard refresh your browser?

    Just tried that, but the photo is still there. Crazy. I’m confused because this doesn’t just use a headerimage.jpg file or whatever, seems to use this blank.gif file in the code. Not sure how to fix it.

    Posted in your other thread, see there for a couple of problems.

    Hi, I would like to show you my three column version based on “Relaxation”. You can view it here Aromatic Blend

    Relaxation is really a great template just like Blix. They are very easy to modify and you can style it in many different ways. Just depend on how creative you are 🙂

    michiko – how did you change the sidebar’s background color? I’m a CSS novice, so been playing around with some of the color settings, but I can’t quite figure this one out.

    hello seattleduck,

    i am not using any background-color for the sidebar because “page” div has already a background-image. you may go back to my site and right click the content or sidebar area and download the graphic and you will see waht i mean. i’m also a novice like you…i know it is not easy to customize available templates for people like us. but just keep on practicing like i did. it helps a lot 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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