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  • It’s based on Simple_Sky..
    I have a navigation menu and Denyerec’s Amazon Media Manager on the left, and the standard WP menu on the right.
    Take a look
    if anyone is interested I will post or send you the code

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  • clay,
    I’d be interested in seeing the code! craig at nuclearmoose dot com.

    Very cool! I like what you’ve been doing to the site.

    Can you get rid of the extra padding/margin on the right which cuts into the menu?

    I’ve actually worked something up similarly using only some static additions to index.php and some additions to my CSS. Take a look if you don’t mind.

    Beel: I have been trying to, but when I can’t figure out what to set the width at, so the right menu lands at the right edge of the screen.
    I end up pushing the menu down below the body. If you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it. I’m fairly new to css and xhtml.
    Right now for width I have:
    Left menu: 10%
    Rap: 80%
    content: 65%
    Right Menu: 20%
    NuclearMoose: I’ll email it in a moment
    Thanks for the feedback and compliments!

    I would be interested in seeing the code. My email is
    pankajnarula at gmail dot com

    Looks to me on first glance that the rap 80% is the problem.

    What do you think it should be? When I make it smaller it really throws everything off

    I couldn’t save your page to take a look at it, but what do you have outside the rap? Did you try not setting the width or at 100%?

    In your reverse/css etc you have set both a margin 10px; and a width of 75% for the rap. Now my math isn’t good but……

    beel: If I go much higher on #rap, I end up with horizontal scroll bars(definately don’t want that). I think the problem is with the cloud image, because the actual menu text isn’t being cut off just the boder on the right side of the picture right?
    anon: anything larger for rap results in the menu being misplaced to the bottom of the screen or in horizontal scroll bars, neither of which I want.
    If someone can play around with it and find a fix I would be happy to use it, perhaps Nuclear Moose or Pankaj will have some luck

    Yes but 75% and 10px; gives two conflicting style rules to the same div. This can lead to wholly unpredictable results.

    I am very intersted in that code. mail AT thetrenchcoat DOT com

    root: Thanks.. I had overlooked that typo..

    Nicely done. I have done something similar with my site if you care to take a look.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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