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  • I have gone through this 3 times now just to make sure.
    Here is what I do:
    Delete the entire wordpress install folder
    Via phpmyadmin, drop entire DB having B/U already (700k sql file)
    Create new DB “blogs” via
    verify “wordpress” user has full perms on local host
    for all DBs

    extract 2.8.5.tar.gz in its own sub folder in my user folder on LAMP
    Rename the resulting “WordPress” folder to custom name
    surf to the correct domain/subfolder (after adjusting apache2.conf for correct path for WP location
    I get the expected “create a config file” page.

    Following the few steps inthe next page including
    DB name
    local host
    and prefix

    It calls me “Sparky” and I click Install

    Title and Email address filled in
    note the new pwd and log in to the dash board.
    Looks good.
    Note that the DB is now populate with all 10 tables albiet pretty empty looking. Obviously.

    Via phpadmin again, I restore with the sql indicates success
    still on the dashboard, if I click “visit site” I get the classic blank page.
    If I go back and click on any of the management links on the left Appearance, Tools etc, I get Not Found as it is going to the wrong sub directory. Even thoughthe mouse-overs on them show a correct path
    If I manually type in the /wp-admin/admin.php as it has been suggested in order to clear out custom Themes, which I DID have running when I exported the B/U i am restoring from, I get the same Not Found redirect thing. mydomain/blog/xxxxx instead of the mydomain/kenb/ which I keep setting up and is config’d in the Apache2.conf

    Sry to be wordy, but I have gone through this a few times now and clearly, I am still missing something…


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  • the DB back up was made from likely an (slightly) earlier version 2.84 or 3 and I have reinstalled using each of those versions in the hopes that there was a version conflict in the restore step.
    Still same.
    the subfolder issue has to be in the content of the tables that I bring in from the restore. Since the new WP install works fine..untll I restore.
    Can I restore only some tables individually hoping to dodge the bullet that breaks this?
    This seems to be a fairly common issue but the steps I have seen posted are not helping me.

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