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  • Just installed the new WP 2.5 and I am far from impressed.

    The new editor is absolute crap.

    In fact it’s crappier than the last one.

    At least with the previous version we could add Tiny MCE advanced to get it working properly.

    Now we can’t even do that.

    The editor is simplistic in the extreme with not even any moderately advanced functions to use.

    As for the statement in the official WP blog that the new editor won’t mess with your code, it’s absolute BS.

    It will continually mess with your code, even after you’ve fixed it in html and saved it.

    It’ll keep ripping out whole swaths of your code for no apparent reason.

    It’s bloody annoying.

    Why were forced to use such a crappy editor and with no alternatives like Advanced Tiny MCE to fall back on I don’t know.

    I know the WP crew have spent a whole lot of time and effort on the new version, but to spend so much time only to produce something inferior seems unimaginable.

    Sorry guys but your eally blew this part of it.

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  • Can you give an example of what you’re trying to do and how the editor is messing with your code? Most power users I know just write in plain text format. Until we can figure out what you are trying to accomplish, switching to that may be your best bet for now.

    theotheragentm, I can share with you some info on what the new 2.5 editor has been doing to my code (of course along with mdg33’s and many other, even seasoned WP users’ frustration at this new release so far!), I will enter in some code under the ‘HTML’ section of the WYSIWIG, maybe using Rich Text format, not sure if did that with plain text, I will then switch to ‘Visual’ and what happens is some line spacing that I needed is removed, and also select text (that contains a link) gets its font size reduced, completely unintended by me (everything will look fine, then get garbled up somewhat by the editor).

    I can’t add any links or images at all with WYSIWIG, have to do it through manual code at the moment.

    Well, what I was trying to accomplish was to upgrade WP. (OK, I did actually do that)

    But if I’d known Advanced MCE wasn’t going to work, I wouldn’t have bothered, but too late know. (Hopefully they’ll release an compatible upgrade of Tiny MCE advanced that will work with WP 2.5 soon.)

    After, that I was just trying to write a new post, and add various bits of style headings to it etc, and paste in some code.

    I’m not going to go back into the editor to try and recreate what happened, as it took me ages to fix it.

    But from memory, which is still painful, I was pasting in some code into the code section from something I had in notepad.

    It took a couple of goes to get it even pasted in in in full, but eventually I got it all in. saved it, and checked it in visual and it seemed to be ok.

    Checked it on actual site, nothing there.

    Go back into html, half the code is missing.

    Re paste, save check, is all there, check visual ok, check site not ok.

    Go back into html, part of code is still missing, but not as much as before.

    Do this about half a dozen times until all code is eventually there.

    Check visual ok, check site ok, great it works now, continue adding rest of post.

    Save final post. Check actual site, guess what? code is gone missing again.

    Check back in html, and sure enough part of the code has disappeared.

    At this stage I want to kill someone.

    Eventually I get it to all work, after a lot of frigging around.

    So even if I do just write in the html section, there’s still no guarantee what I write will even be saved, or saved properly.

    Also, not being able to expand the html window is another niggle.

    I miss the WYSIWIG. I used to use tinyMCEadvanced and now I can’t. I don’t even see any smilies. I was hoping you guys would add in tinyMCE editor with this release. I thought I read somewhere that it was going to happen, but maybe I was reading someone’s wishlist. LOL!

    No smilies!?!? Oh, the humanity.

    i hate the excessive scrolling to get the post published.

    authors, comment and pingback settings can easily be moved in the right column…

    categories too needs to be placed on the right side.

    this admin panel requires way too much scrolling!

    The new EDITOR is rubbished..messed up all the content on my entire site…
    ABSOLUTE BS and no matter how hard you try it keeps messing stuff up. WP just took a step back in this DEPT…

    Please can we get the OLD editor back or the ability to change and upgrade..This one does not even have image properties..

    A solution is to use the code editor, that is what I always use and I can have no complains. Going back to the visual editor is not an option for me even in 2.5

    how do i align my images ? the code i use is not recognized? and i cant get it to give me spaces?

    thats whats wrong now the code editor does not work,the image button does nothing at all.

    Some of the UI changes are ok, but I agree the editing…which is of particular importance for an application that is all about writing…is sadly lacking compared to the previous version. Adding images is clumsy and painful whereas it used to be just clumsy.

    And I have to agree about putting some of the functionality on the side. The scrolling is a bit excessive and the use of space poor. Who works on an 800 x 600 window these days?

    Please WordPress developers…help us out.

    yeah my site looks terrible because of this now ):

    I was ready with a question about upgrading to 2.5 until reading this thread. Upgrading doesn’t sound very appealing for me, a newbie to WP. I’ll ask the question anyway. After looking at page after page of upgrading instructions (I’m referring to all the bunny trails). It seems that every new instructional paragraph there is another critical link that must be clicked to explain where we are. It isn’t long until I’m feeling like Columbus who didn’t know where he was going, when he got there didn’t know where he was, and when he returned home didn’t know where he had been. Why is the WP upgrade so difficult? I’ve upgraded Microsoft Office 2004, Adobe CS3, just about everything that Apple has produced, and usually we do it with a couple of simple clicks, sometimes a single click. Why is that not possible with WP?

    I have updated my 25 blogs all to 2.5 and I am very fine with it. I now can use it as it should be. Fast and correct. Before with 2.3 the icons do not shine up correctly, the wysiwig was not working right. The loading was a mess. Now it is all on his right place and it is faster as before. Thanks again to the developers and all who worked on it so hard.

    Change can be a good thing and ni this case it’s a great thing. Keep up the good work chaps.

    Couple of minor bugs I’ve found:
    – WYSIWYG editor falls outside of the available input box
    – Switching between code and normal layout seems to lose the info you’ve typed in.

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