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  • OK I don’t want to start off with bad language so I’ll put it in brackets!(I have a blog on there I said it. Seriously though, I also have this blog here on WordPress and I am having some problems, mainly that I fail to understand 99.9% of the terminology used! My fault I know but I have tried for the past two weeks to fathom things out! Like, what are or is the relevance of ‘categories’. Using my bad language again (On blogspot its easy to add i.e sidebar elements such as links for promotional items in html) I cannot figure out how to do anything with the wordpress sidebar!How does or where does one past html code so the item appears on the blog?
    Really would appreciate some help in (people talk) here folks.
    Kind regards

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  • Do you mean you have an account on, or did you create your own WordPress install?

    If the former, you need to ask your questions on as the answers will be different.

    For the latter, to change the sidebar you must open your themes sidebar.php and edit it there, or you can download the widgets plugin ( to make things really easy.

    Categories are just used to organize your posts. For example, if you have posts on your pet cat, you may put them under a category you called cat, but posts about your dog go under a different category. If you don’t want to use categories, you don’t have to.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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