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    No matter how many times I click “Update Now”, I always see this message on the Dashboard > Updates page:

    An updated version of WordPress is available.

    I am currently using “3.7-beta2-25801” and from what I understand that is the latest version, as of Wednesday morning at 3:13am EDT.

    Why do I still see that message then? (It has been this way with each and every update, no matter what I do, I still see that message to update).

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  • esmi


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    beta2-25801 appears to be the latest version, so I’m not sure why you’re seeing an “update now” notice. Perhaps the db upgrade wasn’t successful? Have you tried switching to 2013/2014 and deactivating all plugins before running an upgrade?

    Do you see it on NON Beta versions of WP?

    I can confirm that I have been seeing the same thing.

    Right now I just created a brand new install on my localhost, and it is still happening without plugins enabled and using twenty-thirteen. I copied the trunk from svn onto my Windows 7 box running WAMP and it keeps saying a new version is available, no matter how many times I do the update.

    I think around the time that Beta 1 was designated was the last time I remember it saying that I was up to date. Ever since, it always says there is a new update available.

    It does not do this for me on NON beta versions.

    It does not do this for me on NON beta versions.

    Okay…I wonder if this has to do with the API changes. Technically it’s NOT the latest version, it’s the latest nightly.

    (I see the same thing on Multisite, but it’s always been a little weird with how it handles that sort of thing.)

    I have gotten three email notifications now stating the following:

    WordPress 3.7-beta2-25801-20131016
    Updating to WordPress 3.7-beta2-25801-20131016
    Downloading update from
    Unpacking the update...
    Verifying the unpacked files...
    Preparing to install the latest version...
    Enabling Maintenance mode...
    Copying the required files...
    Upgrading database...
    Disabling Maintenance mode...
    WordPress updated successfully

    And yes, that means three times it’s updated to WordPress 3.7-beta2-25801-20131016

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    No matter how many times I click “Update Now”, I always see this message on the Dashboard > Updates page:

    An updated version of WordPress is available.

    This is simply a flaw of how we handle updates to nightly builds. Rather than issuing an update every 24 hours based on the new nightly build that was generated, it *always* says that there is an update available.

    For automatic updates, that means sites will update every 12 hours (when the cron event fires for auto updates) when you are running a development version.

    I think we’re going to try to fix this in 3.8.

    That said: You should never receive auto update notifications less than about 12 hours apart. (11 hours is possible as well.) But, if your site is just a test site that doesn’t get any traffic, then it is possible that your cron didn’t fire (which requires visits to the site) until you finally visited the site yourself. In that case, it is possible updates are delayed.

    Remkus, if your site updated multiple times in the same hour, let’s say, then that’s a problem. But note that this should have been rectified yesterday in

    It’s actually and I get enough traffic. I’d like more, but it’s enough 😉

    I received the emails at the following intervals:

    • Oct-16 at 16:09
    • Oct-17 at 04:06
    • Oct-17 at 16:06

    So that confirms an interval of 12 hours, but it doesn’t make sense it is updating to the same version every single time.. right?

    Moderator Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    It just updates to whatever the latest nightly build is.

    Technically, the build might have changed even though the version number didn’t. That’s confusing, I know, and something we want to change in 3.8.

    Ah, right. There is a difference between the two. Forgot about that one. Definitely something that ought to be changed then, yes.

    Just received another update notification btw so this interval was a little over 26 hours.

    Somewhat related: is it possible to filter these update notifications to a specific email address?

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