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  • Okay, it’s still Beta! But the thing messes up the source code with all its comments and disassembles old formatting. Currently it has no compatibility with existing source code. For example, the plugin inline spoilers – all these comments in the code cause shifts in the display. And that’s just one plugin where the editor does not work.
    I hope the old editor is later installable or included as well. And this block building – I don’t need it! IMHO this is not the right way to update a blog editor! Gutenberg is – at least for the moment – unusable!

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  • Glad you got a chance to test Gutenberg with your configuration. Yes, you are right, it certainly not done yet. One of the goals of this “Try Gutenberg” call-out is to get more users like you test it. And your comments are quite valuable. Thank you for taking the time.
    May I asked you what plugin you are using, that caused your display to get scrambled?

    Yes, the old editor is already available. Search for “Classic Editor” in the WordPress repository. The plugin is maintained also by the WordPress Core team, and will be available for a while after the Gutenberg editor becomes the default editor.

    @bph I’m reading through these reviews and saw your reply about the Classic Editor… “and will be available for a while after the Gutenberg editor becomes the default editor.”

    A while? What is a while? That sounds like for a limited time only. This is contradicting other replies I’ve seen that say the Classic Editor will always be available. This said, there should be a choice indefinitely, as not everyone will adapt to this Gutenberg being forced on users. With so many other “already established” page builders out there, why make this part of core? There’s some serious questions that I feel the Gutenberg team is avoiding with this whole idea and it’s creating a lot of anxiety in WordPress users and developers.

    A while = probably years after WordPress 5.0 the release.

    The whole Classic Editor topic has multiple layers. I try to explain, but I might just muddy the water even more πŸ™‚

    Part of it is that most decision on how Gutenberg is merged into core have not been made yet. That’s what the so-called ‘merge proposal’ is for.

    1)There is a Classic Editor Block within Gutenberg = always available.

    2)There is a Classic Editor plugin, which is created to provide a transition tool to install before WordPress 5.0 is released for sites that are not ready for Gutenberg. No decision is made how long this will be available. Hence the ‘A While’ comment. I have seen estimates up to two or three years. Others say it will be available as long as people need it. Indefinitely is also a variation, however that’s not likely. Everything comes to an end eventually.

    3)Then there are fallbacks when plugins or custom blocks are not compatible with Gutenberg, then it will automatically fallback to the Classic Editor, that feature is backed into Gutenberg.

    The Gutenberg team goes through great length to make the transition as smooth as humanly possible.

    And just to make sure we cover this, too. No one forces you to use Gutenberg. You have plenty of options:
    – Install Classic Editor
    – Install Gutenberg Ramp
    – Don’t upgrade to WordPress 5.0

    WordPress 5.0 won’t be an automatic update.
    The core team applies security patches/update back to version 3.7, which was released October 2013.
    You would also not be in bad company: Roughly 40% of WordPress sites are still on version prior to 4.9 (released 11/2017)


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    Hi Birgit,

    as i wrote: “For example, the plugin inline spoilers – all these comments in the code cause shifts in the display

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    – Don’t upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

    And use 4.9.x forever? I’m sorry, but you can’t be serious. πŸ™‚

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