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  • i have an idea and heres what i want to do hopefully you can answer part of this or if your really cool, all of it. i want the seller of a product to be able to create a membership on my site and post for free what they want to sell. they will post in categories given on the website and i want there to be a buy button next to every thing listed to be sold. i get part of the cut and i want that to be automatically sent to my bank account is that possible if so how do it do it?? Thanks

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  • i dont know the terminology so i have no idea what to look up. any help appreciated

    Yes. Possible, but not out of the box. I’ve built

    something similar using multisite where each seller gets their own website and the products are categorically displayed in a collected marketplace. There are premium plugins available to do this and it takes work to maintain and build up the seller base. There is nothing simple about doing it, and, he in general done it, I can confidently say it’s very possible but times consuming and not free.

    Let me if you want more information, the type of resources I point you to depends on the nature of your project and the nature of the product types. There is a lot of info about using wp to build a marketplace.

    That sounds goOd thanks for the input I can kinda imagine that but what do you mean by the seller having their own website would it be on my website and can they log in I basically want it to be like what were doing here you know sign in and post but there needs to be a buy button next to the posts if you know how to do that let me know please thankyou

    There also needs to be filters like price ranges and a word search

    Yes I know how to do it, but you are talking about some really high-level functionality here.

    Are you sellers going to have digital products or physical ones? There is no simple answer to your question because however it is done it requires a unique combination of plugins and/or custom coding.

    It can be developed on your own, but you’ll need to educate yourself about custom post types, e-commerce plugins, front-end posting, forms software and more. Developers can be hired to build it for you and the price range can vary depending on the location of the developer and other factors.

    When you start talking about a user-based marketplace, you are starting to really think about using WordPress as a flexible framework, but to do it requires an in-depth knowledge of WordPress, and the available software extending out into the premium plugin or professional development community.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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