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    Hi there!

    I have recently installed and activated the Neve theme, but I’m not getting the pre-built layout options. The “options” menu item appears in my Dashboard, but when clicking on it the page is blank, so I can not use the pre-built pages and layouts. Any suggestions what the Problem might be?

    I would be really grateful for your help with this issue!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I have the same problem on a freshly installed WordPress 5.4.1 without any installed plugins. After clicking on import on any “Starter Site” the page goes blank. For a blink of an eye you can see a status windows with an orange “installing Plugins” icon, followed by “Importing Content” etc.

    I also tried to install it without the plugins option, which doesn’t work either.

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    Can anyone help with this please? I have freshly installed WordPress through the One-Click-Installation of my host and everything seems to work except for the Neve theme that I would really like to use for my Website. I’m not able to import the portfolios of the theme because when clicking on Options in my Dashboard the page is completely blank.




    Can you please follow the steps mentioned here to see if any of them is applying to your case?


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    Hi @rodicaelena
    Thank you for your reply on this. The site library API is working and the site adress is set up properly. I have also de- and re-installed the Neve theme several times, but the theme options are still not available and the page remains blank when clicking on options in my dashboard. I’m not sure how I can make sure that I have the php-xml extension (step 5). Would you kindly advise?

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    Hi @nerabianca @nachbelichtet

    Can you please check if you have the LiteSpeed Cache plugin active?

    If that’s the case, please try to temporarily disable the plugin and refresh the options page so you can see its content. After that, you can enable the plugin back and check the theme behavior.

    @nerabianca You can see starter sites of neve only when you activate a plugin first which is Templates Patterns Collection so after activating that plugin you will get an option of starter sites under neve option. Hope it Help’s!

    @fareedkhan12 you simply cant answer the same in every ticket. This is NOT the solution… i think a developer knows howto install a plugin and activate it. So, no, this wont help…

    I Also got the same problem.
    Downloaded neve, installed the plugin (and yes, activated it) and nothing works. Tested it on Windows and Linux, XAMPP and LAMPP environment, both times php xml installed and activated.

    So now i cant use the theme. Also in the backend all options are json encoded in a textfield instead of a dropdown or multiple dropdowns.

    This happens on an existing site and a fresh install.

    I have the same problem. Very frustrating.

    @listerine28 the solution at last was to install an old version of the theme which was compatible.

    head over to https://de.wordpress.org/themes/neve/ (this is the german version)

    you can download it then via https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/neve.2.10.0.zip for v2.10.0.

    Simply change the version and try out which version fits your wordpress installation. try it until it works.

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