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[Resolved] network_admin_menu not showing

  • Hello

    I have issues when Quick Cache activate.

    The same server, multi-site WordPress two, with it I am running a single site of some
    PHP version 5.4 cgi mode

    multi-site ( 3.8.1 )


    nothing show page

    debug bar plugin no errors

    debug.log WP_DEBUG no errors

    When deactivete Quick Cache, works fine.

    Two multi site is same results.

    single site (3.9-beta2-27714)


    Works fine

    When I discovered this problem in a multi-site first, I, but was considered or not a problem server-side,

    But try a single site, it works fine.

    I like Quick Cache Plugin, I would like to solve this problem somehow, but why not give me advice?

    Thank you.


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  • Plugin Author Raam Dev


    In a multisite install, you must access wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=quick_cache (notice the /network/ portion).

    Visiting wp-admin/network/update-core.php works fine for me in my test installation.

    Sorry typo



    is blank.

    Visiting wp-admin/network/update-core.php works fine for me in my test installation.

    I’m sorry for not able to provide, how to reproduce the problem

    Do you have experience operating in a single site, it does not work with multi-site at same server.

    It does not pick up the error, and I feel and filter action is as is causing the problem, but we are unable to resolve the problem by removing the only plug-in

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    I suggest looking at the PHP error_log on the server to see if you can find any clues. You might also want to enable debugging.

    I also recommend disabling all other plugins and retesting Quick Cache to see if there might be a plugin conflict.

    I have fully tested Quick Cache in both single-site and multi-site environments and it works without issue.

    If you find anything in the error logs or discover a plugin conflict, please let me know.

    Resolved it

    It was not a matter of plug-in

    By adjusting the settings on the server, now display correctly

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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