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  • I think I already know how to solve this problem: this post is really (a) to find out if I’m on the right track; (b) to get any hints which may be going; or (c) to find out that someone else has already done what I want to do 🙂

    Here’s the situation: we are a collegiate university, and each of the six colleges host their own set of blogs. Some of these have similar names – for example each college has a blog called snapshot – some are differnet, but we need to discriminate between the colleges and distinguish them from centrally-run blogs.

    At the moment we have blogs hanging off individual college sites, so there is:

    and also

    (csm is Central St Martin’s college of art – you might remember the Pulp song which mentions them 🙂

    Each college will have a number of blogs – in some cases quite a lot of them.

    We are now transferring all the diffenret blogs onto a single wordpress 3.0 server,

    To keep distinguishing the colleges the best thing we can work out to do is to use directories. for the colleges, and have the various blogs hanging off them. (We also have central blogs straight off

    So we would like to have (say)

    and also

    Problem: slash characters are not allowed in blog names.

    The solution I’m working towards is this: we replace the slash with something else (say an underscore, though I’m not definite about that yet); I then modify the smart URL code to turn




    Am I insane to try this? I am pretty experienced with regular expressions (though less so with mod_rewrite) so I’m confident I can get the code working. Any hints or suggestions? I don’t suppose there’s already a plug-in which actually does all of this, is there?

    Thanks in advance,

    Andy Holyer,
    University of the Arts London

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I don’t suppose there’s already a plug-in which actually does all of this, is there?

    Shoot, I was gonna give an awesome answer, but then noticed they were all folders off of folders. :-/

    (sub-sub-domains? very doable)

    Let me go do some homework first.

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